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Wiring Diagram 1999 VTR 250 Honda

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dreany2202, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Just bought a second hand 1999 VTR250 and looking for a workshop manual, or at the very least a wiring diagram, as my "battery cooked", looks like it just kept pumping charge into the battery. Any advice would be helpful. Dave

  2. hey man,

    congrats on the purchase, welcome to the dark side.
    there's one here at http://www.filefactory.com/?a77274 that someone scanned in, i think you need to create an account to DL but it's free.

    Tip: google/netrider search and a bit of patience will find you just about anything :p

  3. I still have a scanned VTR250 Manual as a PDF. @330 pages. It served me well when I had mine.

    It's 41MB !!!!

    If you can't download a copy from D4SPADA's site and you still need one and you have enough bandwidth and quota, I can email or skype it to you.
  4. Dazzler. I am having trouble with the DL site. Would appreciate a copy of your PDF Manual.
  5. Dazzler. The site isn't letting me send you my email address. Any ideas.
  6. daspada. I have set up a profile on the DL site, but can't work out how to search the site to find the file. Any ideas?
  7. dreany, check your pm.
  8. let us know if you get one from Dazzler. if not i'll see what i can find.
  9. Thanks to d4spada and dazzler for your help. I finally got hold of one. Really appreciate the effort and time you took. Have already used it to solve my problem. Now I need a new regulator/rectifier, is it better to buy genuine Honda or generic brand? ? approx how much and where may be a good parts supplier that would mail to country NSW. Thanks
  10. good to hear man.. can't help too much with the parts in Sydney but i'd say don't stress too much about genuine honda parts for something like the rectifier (they have a reputation of going anyway) but i also wouldn't go some super cheap job off ebay... find a good shop and stick to em