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WirelessUSB For Motorcycle Helmet Display

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dan, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. from http://www.rubbermag.com/news/050524_04n.html

    Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY) today announced that Motion Research has chosen Cypress's WirelessUSB(TM) radio-system-on-a-chip to provide wireless connectivity for its SportVue(TM) MC1, the world's first motorcycle Heads Up Display (HUD). The MC1 is an easy-to-install device, mounted onto motorcycle helmets, that displays real-time information inside a driver's visor. With the advent of the low-cost SportVue MC1, what was previously only accessible to military and sci-fi pilots is now available to everyday riders.

    "The backbone of the MC1 is its ability to relay crucial information, such as speed, RPM and gearing, from the bike to the helmet instantaneously," said Dominic Dobson, President and Founder of Motion Research. "WirelessUSB gave us the ability to do so without encountering interference from the simultaneous use of mobile phones or two-way radios. It's easier and faster to read this information from your helmet display while traveling at high speed than continually glancing down at the instrument cluster."

    Cypress's WirelessUSB system provides transparent wireless connectivity to the user as well as the designer. Solutions based on WirelessUSB combine robust performance, interference immunity and ease of use.

    "Motion Research has taken the first step in bridging the gap between Top Gun and reality," said Deepak Sharma, senior product marketing manager in Cypress's Computation and Consumer Division. "SportVue offers users a thrilling experience, and provides performance advantages. Cypress is pleased that WirelessUSB removes installation hassles, which have previously plagued Bluetooth headsets."

    SportVue is a fun and functional performance accessory designed to enhance the sports enthusiast's experience by displaying real-time vital information with minimal distraction. In addition to the SportVue MC1, Motion Research's motorcycle HUD accessory, Motion Research has been working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and value added resellers (VARs) to integrate SportVue HUD into a variety of other products. For more information on SportVue, go to www.sportvue.com.
  2. Does anyone have any first hand experience with these?

    Having been caught out (fortunately without incident) a couple of times recently whilst determining whether I was safely traveling at 110 km/h, or about to spontaneously vaporise at 120 km/h, I think it could be a worthwhile investment.
  3. Cool! I want one :grin:
  4. Can it display boobies?
  5. No, but it can display the rate at which they oscillate :LOL:
  6. That reminds me: apparently if you want to tittilate an ocelot, you simply oscillate its titalot.
  7. i've used head mounted displays that appear to be similar to these before - bloody annoying things! i'd be quite concerned that it would be too distracting - even though it's right in front of your eyes and translucent, it's very surprising just how much you can miss when concentrating on such a display. Doesn't look terribly aerodynamic, either.