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wireless internet providers & hardware advise.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dante, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. the plan.
    1 motorbike -check
    2 laptop -check
    3 wireless internet...
    4 get da frilk out of da house!

    anybody IN the know about Wireless Internet
    what do i need, estimated cost of modem or equipments
    i would expect usage of the net to be ..
    surfing netrider & other hobbie interest forums.
    doing my work instant messangers email etc.
    occasional upload / download of large files. ( both work related and TV shows stargate sg1 ect)
    maybe a few games... :)

    would also like the option to dial in for cost of local call anywhere in AU.

    p.s i could of asked this same Q at wirlpool but id rather not.
  2. First question:

    Does it need to be wireless? Ethernet is much more reliable.

    Okay, you want to do large downloads: Don't use wireless. It's just not worth it.

    Why is everyone so obsessed with wireless :?:
  3. i work on the road, and use a maxon minimax.
    its basically a telstra cdma 1x/evdo phone that plugs straight in to the side of my laptop.
    typical country download speeds are 144kbps, metro up to 256.
    there is a similar thing you can get through vodafone but the pricing sucks (or sucked when i got my minimax 2 years ago) and also the evdo and 1x networks have better coverage and are faster. http://www.maxon.com.au/products/business/business-minimax-home.asp

    plans are by download or time, start at aroun $20 a month for i think 20hrs.
    i currently am on the $79 - 500mb unl.time plan and it works good for me out on the road.
    i am not sure if they still make the minimax, i think they are now pcmcia cards, however they are still there, and when the 3g rollout is complete they will be replacing all the cdma devices with the new technology.
  4. because there is no ethernet connections at chainage 82.341 on the kings highway :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


    if you mean 802.11 wireless, it sucks because my av sender, cordless phone, bluetooth mobile and microwave all intefere.
    agreed, that kind of wireless is crap
  5. Because it works very well if you have a 2-storey house, with several laptop-owning internet users who want to be able to get online from pretty much anywhere in the place.

    I've seen a 10 metre-long Ethernet cable with the wall socket on one end and my teenage son (sitting on the toilet with his laptop) on the other, and it ain't pretty! :LOL:

  6. :rofl:
    now, that is a pissa! Pardon the pun :LOL:
  7. yeah i kinda want to be able to take my business to the beach or to a park or something. anything but sitting infront of this desk.

    i have adsl2+ here so oviously this is my primary connection but when i am away what will i do.

    eviloliver had some info for me on msn , apreciate that.
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  9. Beware I am biased!

    As you are in a regional area your only real choice if you want coverage and speed is Telstra EVDO as used by Joel. It is sold as a residential offering under Bigpond Wireless or as a business offer under EVDO.

    Bigpond cap their speeds but the business offer is uncapped giving you about twice the speed of bigpond.

    Unwired etc do not offer very strong coverage out of the CBDs of Melbourne and Sydney so no use to you. :mad:

    3 roams onto the Telstra GPRS network when out of range but you end up paying and extra $1.65 per MB in roaming charges, so dont go there :shock:

    Optus/Vodafone poor coverage and much slower speeds than EVDO.

    Now you might think if I buy this EVDO card what happens when they switch off CDMA and convert to 3g? Well Telstra has stated that they will give you a free 3G card when that happens.

    So in this case Telstra is the only seriuos player for you. :grin: