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wireless headphones,

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mattstone, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I want to start riding with my mp3 player because I'm sick of listening to the ambient exhaust noise. Has anyone used wireless headphones eg. bluetooth ect? :?: I'm after a set that'll connect straight to my mp3 player in the headphone jack, with a transmitter and a seperate set of headphones.

    Anyone have any experiance with them? Or do they even make them ?

  2. No, but have a look at creative EP 630 I believe they're called. Noise canceling (not too much) and great quality. $30, exactly the same as the sein $70+ ones
  3. Look in the riding gear accessories and parts section (Use search for Bluetooth) there are some extended threads on the subject. In short there are a couple of Bluetooth options out there.
    And check out this link
  4. I ahve just ordered a bluetooth stearo helmet kit with speakers and phone support. I intend to use t with a mobile phone with GPS function + MP3 playback.

    Speakers in your ear well in the helmet would be a lot better than head phones. I would not want to come off the bike with a bit of plastic wedged in my ear!
  5. To the OP

    Check out my post in the General Discussion area, under the thread titled * iPod to join mobile as crash villain? *

    Its on page 2. :) PM me for info about it :)
  6. Ive used the nokia BT headphones and found that they wearn't to bad at keeping the noise out. however helmets aren't designed to have out of ear headphones so it got a bit squishy.
    The pro's were no cables to get in my way. Cons: no control over the volume off / on etc, but the biggest problem i found was that every time i got within 2 metres of a car with BT capability, weather that be phone or other device, the headphones would drop out then back in again on its own accord, this gets very annoying in traffic.
  7. I got a pair of Sennheiser CX400's off eBay for $20.
    They're fake, I know but it was the design I was after. Low profile, I guess you could call then. They don't stick out much and have a symmetrical cord.

    I just use my SE Walkman phone with the volume down low.

    It takes a lot of the wind noise out, but unfortunately a large portion of my exhaust noise.
  8. where did you get them from and how much?