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Wire rope/cable for helmet (extender?)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Anyone know where to get a looped piece of wire rope/cable for attaching the helmet to the underseat security loop? My chinstraps aren't quite long enough.

  2. Make one!!!

    Seriously Jason. Get a lenght of wire rope, a couple of "dogs" and a piece of heatshrink and make one the size you need it.

  3. Go to a fishing tackle shop, get a large wire trace and cut the swivels off.

  4. http://www.bbbparts.com/products/accessories/bike_locks/bbl10.html

    Any decent bike shop will have them, and you don't need to put it under the seat and risk scratching up your duco then either, put it through the wheel or frame or pretty much anything/ It's also long enough to go through a jackets sleeves if you wanted to lock one up with the bike also.
  5. As munecito says, make one up. Bunnings has light cable for this sort of job, and stainless steel clips that you can hammer closed to form a loop at each end. Dick Smith will have lengths of heatshrink to cover the clips and maybe cable if you want.

    The result would be very similar to my no-doubt expensive Ducati version, which came with the bike. :grin:
  6. PM sent

  7. Buy a Buell! There's one in the underseat toolkit. Fack all in the way of tools.. but there's a helmet security strap included.
  8. How long is your one Jason.. I have one here from my 12, maybe its longer ??
  9. Im surprised BMW didnt include that, My 1999 Hornet 600 had one.