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Wire Rope Barriers

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dazza, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. How long have these things been fitted for now (Vic) and other states please

    Cheers 8)
  2. too long

    (hey! You knew it was coming)

    Probably worth directing your question to Damien Codognotto if you can't find any answers here....
  3. Several hundred kilometres... :LOL:
  4. Twicee that for Ravenswood/Bendigo

    2 track highway, both sides of the road... gotta be fun if a rider ever comes off there :(
  5. 15 years. First used in 1992. Two systems currently in use; Brifen (UK Company) and Flexfence (AUS company)
  6. Which is more widely used?
  7. He would not know his arsehole from his dick

    Cheers 8)
  8. Wire Rope Barriers have been fitted in Victoria for 15 years :?:

    Cheers 8)
  9. Brifen was the first system implemented in Australia and is currently more widespread I believe. Also I would like to know how "Flexfence" got it's name as there is nothing flexible about any part of a wrb unless you drive a semi.
  10. worst idea anyone ever came up with , obviuosly not designed by bike riders
  11. Apparently, according to VicRoads. No details on where though.
  12. I think the first ones were put in place to cull all the Frankston people. They were placed at the end of the Frangga Fwy.
  13. Cool.

    OK, so how many riders have lost thier lifes from these things :?: and how many riders have sustained injuries from these things :?:

    Does anyone know :?:

    Cheers 8)
  14. 1 IN FTG
  15. Yeah ive seen what they have done to cars, lucky to not see what happens to a motorcyclist though. But whats wrong with Frankston, a widely developing bayside community with diversity and a lifestyle that cant be beat.

  16. i know of one a few years back on the kiama bends just after they were installed a fella dropped his bike he survived but his girlfriend went under the wire ... well half under anyway , wasnt pretty from what i was told
  17. yeah they look pretty nasty! We got them too in SA. Seen them for about 10 years here.
  18. They weren't originally a safety fence, they were really placed to make sure the local ferals didn't escape
    :p :p :p
  19. AFAIK, it's the only WRB that is electrified. :LOL:
  20. The ones around Moe are not only electrified - they're made of razor wire :p :p