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Wire Rope Barriers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. [Mod: This thread created by a mod. It was completly OT to it's original thread and split off from that to here.]

    What rubbish. I know that to date in NSW there has NEVER been a single death of a Motorcyclist due to the wire rope barriers.
  2. ........yet.
  3. Yes but there has been here. In Melbourne. Where we live and ride. And we were promised no more and get more any way.

    If this were Oliver Twist we'd be breakling into song and dance, sadly it's not and there are no rascals either.

    Plenty of tramps though.
  4. Not saying yes or no, but be very skeptical about NSW accident statisics.

    I know that they are VERY politically weighed.

    for example, if someone runs into you when you are speeding, even if it's not your fault, the Trafic department of the local Police station are required to record that speed was a contributing factor in the accident.

    Say goes for alcohol and rain and fatigue, even if they wern't the driving force behind the accident.

    It helps the Government justify its road policies.

    It wouldn't suprise me that if someone had died from this, that it was just recorded as "accident trauma" or similar.
  5. A little less rhetoric and a few facts show that wire barriers ARE dangerous to motorcyclists, but its mostly the posts that cause injuries NOT the wire itself.


    I didn't start this thread, my post at the top came from another thread in another forum altogether and I don't know how it came by being here let alone starting a new thread in a different forum. I didn't want to start this as a debate and I certainly don't want to be seen as if I am singling Fixed out as a target in any way whatsoever.

    The post above is no longer in the context of which it was originally posted at all.

    The lunatics are running the assylum !!!
  7. What was the context?
  8. Ach Cap'n, she canna tak unny more, she's gonny blow!!
  9. the context was a character in Tara Moss' upcoming novel being sliced to shreds by wire barriers, not a discussion on the pro's and cons of the barriers, let alone the political motivations for having them or more of them.
  10. Either way it should be Doonks' decision whether or not to start a new thread.

    Why don't you go and edit the first message in this thread Doonks?
  11. But your comment was about there being no deaths to barriers in NSW. I don't see how that relates to a character suggesstion in a book.?

    You may not have intended it to be that, but that's what it became through posts following yours.
  12. Tis OK now, the edit in the first post clarifies things and alays my concerns.

    Nothing to see here, move along .............
  13. Wire rope barriers.

    (Welcome to the forum Tara).

  14. jason split the thread instead of editing or deleting it as it went off topic , isnt that better , condsidering the uproar when posts get deleted

    (i know doonks comments were made in context to the book but it did change the topic from its original issue which is fine)

    i would prefer to see threads split than deleted personally
  15. Dinna fash yersel cap'n we modulated the dilithium xtals an she's gonne be ok...
  16. I have no probs with that at all Glen, but as I discussed with Mouth via PM, and he agreed, it should also carry a Mod edit to explain what has happened.
  17. look, now see what's happened, we're completely off topic again ......

  18. get back on topic people!
    wire rope barriers suck becuase they jump out in front of traffic and try to kill people. specificly motorcyclists.
    They have it in for us, they must be banned!
  19. Well, seeing as the topic has come up again and being as I am a person who would never dream of diverting a topic from its intended theme...
    any recent developments with WRB?

    (sheesh, that was an opportunity that went begging...)
  20. Sweden has started installing WRBs in the centre of the road which did have the effect of drastically reducing the number of head on collisions between cars (also eliminates illegal overtaking).