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VIC Wire Rope Barriers (Again) in Gippsland

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Mr Knowall Brendan Jenkins, local snout for Morwell in the MLA sprooking about wrb's again and they are going to fit them all over the place.

    He said they actually save lives. He said he knows bikers are opposed but they save bikers not hurt them.

    Below is my email to the miniature bald headed moron.

    "Attn:Brendon Jenkins MLA

    Dear Brendon

    Tonight I saw you on TV espousing the virtues of wire rope barriers.
    I am a car/truck and motocycle rider. I cannot understand your comments about them being safe.

    You said they were not a danger to motorcyclists and they had in fact saved lives.

    Would you please furnish me with the reasoning behind your statement.

    What you actually know about them?

    Have you seen studies into motorcycle crashes involving these barriers?

    In Particular:-

    1. Where has there been an accident involving wire rope barriers where a motocyclist was saved from further injury by them?

    2. Are you aware of overseas studies where these barriers are regarded as dangerous and are being removed or modified?

    3. Why are they being fitted to the sides of the road to Paynesville along the Mitchell River? When have there been vehicles leaving the road on the straight stretch and ending up in the river? I would really like to know.

    4. Why are there sections of these barriers and sections of Armco along our roads? Why the difference?

    As one of your constituents, I eagerly await your reply.


    Might need several emails to stir him up if anyone wants to.


    Get into him.
  2. Good post. I'll get some info off the MRA (Michael Czajka) regarding WRB stats, or what's available. I'll get my wife to record the WIN News late edition as I'm at work.

    I'll then consider my response. I'll send it to both the LV Express and to Jenkins himself.
  3. I've gotten the missus to record the late news for me. I'll edit it and then burn it to DVD. I'll then rip the video and make a divx file out of it. If it's small enough to host somewhere, that is.
  4. They are fitting them flat out in Bacchus at the moment on the Western Hwy.
    Very similar situation, some wrb and some armco, why?
    All on a section of road where in my 7yrs living here I have never seen or heard of a car leaving the road???
    As the Hwy is a VicRoads responsibility local government would not have had a say in it.
    You may wish to check who is responsible for them in your area to?
  5. Well the Dutch parliament did make the WRB's illegal

    due to convincing evidence that WRB's do harm motorcyclists
  6. Just a thought but wouldn't the pollies think that these would slow us riders down!, what if we used reverse physcology like we do with our kids & said hey these are great cause they allow us to go faster, don't you think they might then start removing them?
  7. perhaps LY, but they are so addled where the air is that thin, that they wouldn't understand and just put more speed cameras in to stop it. All about suiting ones agenda rather than doing what's best for the community at large - concrete barriers seem to be the best but oops, too expensive!

    Much like gits in parliament arguing about abortion because of what they as individuals think (or have religious beliefs in) instead of representing the interests of the population.

    btw, Dear miniature bald headed moron

    is a very special opening to a letter :D
  8. Here's a link to the news item (6 megs).


    It's in divx format. If it can't play on your system you may need to update your codecs.

    It runs for about a minute. Talks about "safety" upgrades, roundabouts and then about WRBs and how they're safe for motorcyclists.

    It's a pity that the reporter, while saying that motorcycle groups hate them, didn't actually get one to speak on camera, or to even quote one. Jenkins, the MLA in question, got all the airtime.

    Oh, I can't wait for the election....
  9. why dont the fit the bottom rubbing rail on these?? or is it a matter of them being tight with our money at the cost of our lives??
  10. Sounds a bit silly considering with small modifications they'd be safer than armcos for everyone. I know I'd rather crash into something that gives rather than a hard rail, provided it wasn't going to turn me into shredded cheese.
  11. Great email Brian, I think they just have too much money thrown at them.

    I know if i was to have an off (knock on wood) the last thing i would want to hit is a WRB
  12. Armco would hurt too(!), but at least the uprights are covered by the metal barrier.

    The prospect of collecting a support post for a WRB (let alone the wire rope itself) doesn't bear thinking about.

    I wouldn't classify either of them as rider-friendly, though. Too many ways to be pummelled, sliced or diced. :shock:
  13. This clod (Jenkins) was a bull headed dipstick as mayor of Latrobe. He is hopeless.

    While I have always voted Labour here (until he stood) I most certainly will not while he is around.

    The previous MLA (Hamilton) was a gentleman. He had a great big vote. This bloke barely got in. Hopefully he will lose the seat next election to teach him a lesson.

    Back to the barriers, I cannot for the life of me see any value in them. All tests have shown that bikes and larger cars go over the top of them. Trucks simply drag the lot through to wherever.
    The armco at least bounces cars back. I have actually seen them work on cars.

    Bike riders of course as a rule slide into them after an event which makes the posts very dangerous. All Armco and wire posts should have deflectors like the plastic plank I have seen. The wire should be joined like the large powerlines with braces in between to stop the seperation at least. Thoughts?
  14. Yeah the posts have always worried me thinking about it, :shock:

    I was lucky enough to have a very very near miss 2-3 years ago where a kanga came out from behind a bush on the inside of a corner (about 75kmh), while I was riding in the rain between murrumbateman and Braidwood (near Canberra), had nowhere to go except into the armco or dump it. :evil: Bloody Kangaroos
    All in slow motion mind you (funny how that works if anyone else has been in the same position), I miraculously tucked my knee up against the tank, calculated the angle to hit it and try to stay up right, and then bounced, staying upright with barely a wobble, big freakin bruise though, and no damage to the bike. I had stripped a fair bit of speed off by the time I hit it but if it was a wire fence it would have sorted me out big time. The thought of hitting one at speed kills me, "Shredder fences" make me shudder!
  15. The only advantage is that compared to Armco they are dirt cheap. By the way, the overseas studies I have read indicate that it is the supports that are dangerous to riders not the wire, as riders usually slide under the wire. In parts of Germany they have apparently started sand-bagging the supports on black-spot bends.
  16. The lower cost is a furfy , if you add in maintenance costs WRB's are more expensive than armco.

    The extra number of posts are the main injury concerns, although the computer modelling done by the engineering section of monash, shows that the rider may have limbs entangled in the wires , and held in place to take the full brunt of the bike.

    Also note in they're computer simulations > 90% of rider accidents from any angle with a WRB result in the riders death.

    This was one of the many items placed before the dutch parliament
    when they made they're decision to ban them.
  17. With all this evidence against the use of the wrb's has the MRAA or the like presented it to our DH pollies for consideration?? Sell them the risk of major lawsuits and they will be pulling them out b4 you know it. If they've been shown the dangers and ignore it, it will cost them money for sure. I just hope I'm not the one taking them to court after being shredded.
  18. Are there any Australian examples of injuries caused by hitting WRB's??

    The other thing to consider is that if the WRB isn't there what is the next thing the rider will hit or end up in front of?? A cliff, trees, on coming vehicles, etc

    Most WRB's are a fair way from the edge of the road but not always and yes, it's all about the cheaper initial installation cost but the public service works on the buckets of money theory. The installation is paid for out of one bucket of money so that manager gets a pat on the back for saving $$ but the ongoing maintainence costs are being paid out of another bucket owned by another manager. What they forget is that both buckets are filled with money from the same big tank (our Taxes).

    Have you noticed the concrete wall on City Link still hasn't been fixed near Kooyong after that truck crash a few weeks ago, you'd think the wall would've been built to take a truck impact in the first place but it's just another example of things being built on the cheapest price.
  19. pvda
    Actually most of the ones I have seen, are so close that a car could not open the passenger door when stopped with the drivers edge of the car touching the driving lane.

    There is a spot or two near Traralgon where they are further out but that appears to be a saving as it acts as a meduim between west and east lanes. Everywhere else they are as close as possible to the road.

    I believe MRA did do a fair bit and the Gov (better known as the lying bastards with snouts in trough) promised to stop installations and to do more studies and consultations.

    Of course nothing like that happened and they just choose to ignore and install. it will most certaily need a successful law suit to stop them. Same as teh levy.

    Same as all intersections and railway crossings. Requires serious media attention or multiple deaths to get those suckholes and their lickers (read beurocrats) to listen.

    Am I mad?

    Mad as hell. What can I do? Not much except vote and spray the lice whenever I can.