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Wire Rope Barrier (WRB) failure in accident

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jdkarmch, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. While not strictly bike related - here is something that should interest all riders

    WRB was involved.

    See photo from Herald Sun Here

    Got something to say about this? Why not email the Herald about it and put the question to more than just other riders...

    Their email is hsletters@heraldsun.com.au
  2. So they're not only evil, but useless as well. Fantastic.......
  3. See page 13 of the Herald Sun today.

    No mention of WRB in the print edition - but it is mentioned on the Internet. The article in the paper says the car just crossed the median strip......

    Do I smell a conspiracy here? :evil: :evil:
  4. Why bother, they'll just blame it on speed and use that as a reason to spend money on fitting more fixed speed cameras on that road.

    Which of course totally ignores the fact that 3 people would not be in hospital right now had the WRBs done what they were supposed to do (or if they'd used something which is proven to work).
  5. Why whinge to us - why not write something and submit it to the media?

    That email address again is hsletters@heraldsun.com.au (make sure you supply an address and phone number).
  6. The SCU show on TV last night had a work van in NZ that according to the investigation, partially crossed onto the other side of a fwy that had the wire fencing as well, it knocked down a significant section of this fence.

    I was thinking at the time i thought that the wire fence would have held or deflected the vehicle, however to be fair the design of that fence looked more flimsy than the ones that are put up here.

  7. Who is us?

    And is that not the reason why forums exist, to discuss things.

    You asked for people to write to the media, are you going to do it each time you respond to a post?
  8. Exactly. And surely a bit of discussion on the matter would be a good idea to help people write something better than just a "Vicroads are a pack of &^%s" letter.
    Personally I'm not about to put my name to a letter when there's still so much speculation. I don't for example know what that bit of road looks like, how fast they hit the WRB, where and what angle they hit the WRB (might have been head-on at the start of one for all I know) or even if it was the WRB that sheared the car in half or simply the impact with the other vehicles.
    There's nothing to be gained by making accusations in the media that turn out to be wrong.
  9. Sorry Vic - I didn't mean to confuse.

    I thought that riders would be interested in this particular "event". I also thought (maybe mistakenly) that riders would have some stong feelings about this event.

    Netrider is great for discussion - in this instance, not all instances, I thought that it was a good excuse to encourage those who felt strogly enough - to express a view where it would be heard by those who need to hear it... :)

    My name has appeared too often recently - I want to hear/see others in print - so I know that I'm not the only one who wants to say something....
  10. Yeah me too. Look at the direction the other thread about the subject is heading.

    No problem there, just the "write to the papers" tag after each of your posts..

    They won't they all expect others to do the groundwork :roll: