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Wire across road stories... ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NuXnug, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Over some time, several years ago, i heard a few stories about people tiring fishing/steel wire across roads and cars driving into them and worse motorcyclists.

    Occasionally while riding through residential areas i randomly remember these stories and get tingling all over me.

    Just wandering do these stories actually exsist ?...or were they just "stories" and nothing more ?
  2. There was a news story on a few months back maybe more about someone putting wire up on a playground and almost killing a little girl who ride her bike into it cutting her neck open.

    Cant remember alot about it, maybe they caught the person because i seem to remember something about it being done because the kids riding pit bikes in the playground/park weren't caught or punished and the wire was intended to be their punishment...

    I've always wanted to try the invisible rope trick though, maybe this weekend outside my mates place while a friend records it. (youtube it!!! laugh your arse off)
  3. I was riding home through Northmead a few months ago at about 2am on a Saturday night and found about 4 large, long 2x2 pieces of wood laid across the road around a blind-corner.

    I road in the gutter to avoid them, pulled over afterwards, went back and cleared them off the road.

    Pretty sure it was a group of idiot kids I'd seen just prior, who thought they'd be clever about ruining a car driver's night. Someone on a bike could have been injured pretty seriously though.
  4. Did it not happen to someone here a while back at a maccas drive thru?

    I've read a few articles in trail bike magazines about this occuring and it doesn't look pretty (on trails). I remember one photo where some d@#$ put barbed wire between 2 trees on a dirt trail and then wrapped a small vine around it to conceal it. Mind you it wasn't at neck height, it was much lower to the ground.
  5. A couple of years back i was driving along when I saw what looked like a spike strip accross the road (I was thinking, I'm not playing nfs am I). Turned out being flowers. They were all the same type/colour and were upside down in a line. I felt sorry for the kids when I drove over them, it was in Seven Hills, so kids are normally grafiti'ing your fence, not playing with flowers. :LOL:
  6. Yes it happens. There was one case a couple of years ago in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne in a suburban street.

    Herald Sun - October 2006.
    Riders avoid wire trap

    October 25, 2006 12:00am

    TWO motorcyclists could have been beheaded after wire was strung across a street in Melbourne's east.

    Colin Bone and a friend were heading for an early work shift along Husband Rd in Forest Hill when they had their lucky escape.
    Mr Bone, who works as a swimming pool lifeguard, said the wire hit his bike's windscreen, then his helmet, without causing injury.

    He said he believed that someone in the area was upset that he regularly travelled to work at 4.15am on his high-powered Honda 1000cc machine.

    But he was surprised someone would take such drastic and life-threatening action.

    "I'm surprised one of us didn't die," he said.

    "The head stayed on. That's the main thing. Whoever did it knows our pattern."

    Mr Bone believes he was the target of someone who knew his movements. Had the wire been put up too early, it would have been torn down by passing vehicles.

    Police are investigating the incident, which happened on October 11.

    Generally though it's on trails or in the bush.

    It's happened other places too. Here's some references.



    Oil or detergent on a roundabout has happened as well - although that's not usually aimed specifically at motorcycles.
  7. Should lock these pricks up for life that do that :evil:

    Might have to add an extra mod to the bike; an giant opened pair of wire cutters :shock:
    Would definately make filtering easier :p
  8. aaaarrrk.

    so stories i've been hearing are true. Man that makes me much more comfortable. Can't just understand why some idiots would do things like this.

    Like wise, i was 'driving' home realli late one night (like 2am or sumfin). Car started following down a side lane in this residential area till i hit this roundabout. THE WHOLE roundabout just had cones and tape all around it. I would've moved the whole lot, but the car following me was a bunch of hoons that i suspected to have done that piece of handy work. So i went around the roundabout illegally because i was afraid what these idiots would do if i was vulnerable outside of my cage.
  9. A group of riders recently had an overnight stay camping, up top of the mountain at Bathurst....
    knowing they were up there some locals poured oil all over in two spots, one being right on the dipper to catch them out....... :mad:
    It was evidently reported to plod that they had done it themselves for the purpose of burnouts so police investigated with the intent of serious fines........
    One of the riders had earlier gone around the track to go down into town and got horribly squirmy in the dipper..(noticed later oil all over the front)
    There's a*seholes anywhere....and they call themselves upright, concerned citizens.......
  10. Tony's documentation notwithstanding, this is an enduring motorcycling urban myth, more often spoken about than happening.

    That said, I got caught by two little twerps while driving in the Brindabellas many years ago.

    I came round a corner to see two lads, one one other side of the road, staining backwards as if they were pulling tight a light rope. I braked hard, only to see them drop to the gound in hysterical laughter as I drove by....
  11. watch the bike movie 'stone'
  12. check out invisible wire prank or some such on youtube. there have been quite impressive results. While can be annoying if you get pranked, its still harmless.
  13. I also got caught by (the same??) guys in Mount Evelyn, driving home one New Year's Eve. A lady's purse, in the middle of the road, kept moving away from me as I tried to pick it up. Yep, kids with a piece of string, hiding in the bushes, killing themselves laughing.

    {The Brindabella incident was in 1980, long before YouTube :LOL:)
  14. When doing part of the preliminary investigation for the now-under-construction Gateway Motorway, I went through the old Brisbane airport to access an area. I was in the 4WD with a work colleague and a wire strung across the runway was snapped upon hitting the screen of the ute. That would have been trouble for anyone on two wheels.
  15. Whilst in High School, one of the kids came to School covered in cuts.

    When quizzed, he told us that someone had tied fishing line across a small pedestrian bridge that went over a local creek.

    He rode his pushbike into the nylon line and luckily for him, he wasn't seriously injured.

    It's a stupid practice that should be dealt with exceptionally severe punishment to the perpetrators.

    I drove a patrol car through Red/White hazard tape one night. Scared the crapper out of me as I didn't see till I was just meters from it.
  16. I can certainly confirm that there are some very f**ked up people out there who are more than happy to do this, and not just on a casual whim either. I don't know whether they were particularly targeting bikes but they would have been the only ones really effected....

    Many years ago when I first started driving I lived in Hoppers Crossing. Driving home very late one night past one of the local primary schools I suddenly hear a strange noise as I passed between two street signs on opposite sides of the road. I had seen a blur in the headlights at the last second before the noise and pulled over thinking I had hit someones pet.

    When I got out an investigated I found quite a thin piece of Poly Prop rope had been strung between the signs at just about bonnet height. Thankfully it had been my car that had hit it and the only damage was a windscreen wiper just about ripped off.

    Being very tired and because the rope was now broken silly me left it where it was and thought I would report it in the morning.

    The very next morning though, leaving very early I went the same way again and found the same damned rope tied across again, this time thankfully with enough slack that it sat on the ground so I went and cut the damned thing off the poles and took it with me so I could report it on the way to work.

    So whoever it was that was doing it was pretty determined and I hope that no one got hurt that morning because I didn't have the presence of mind to take it with me the first time.
  17. Yes they do - your having heard and repeated them constitutes that very thing.

    This is the old Nazi and piano wire trick - NB the jeeps had poles mounted on them...
  18. Thats real spooky Garou. Back in about '65 my late grandfather was riding along the old weribee hoppers crossing rd pre dawn on his old bsa apparently someone was pissed that horses were being let loose down the road to graze over night so they strung a rope accross the road that was just at the right hieght to catch him accross the throat crushing his larynx somehow the old drunken violent bastard survived.
  19. hope I never experience it on a bike, ran into a rope fence as a kid at night time once, that hurt enough... bugger hitting wire at speed on a bike
  20. Hi guys,
    Haven't posted anything for a while but after I say this topic I thought I should. This happened to me about three months ago. I work afternoon shift so was comming home from work at about 11.30pm and turned into my street. About half way down my street there is a primary school and right on the bend is a crossing. It's dark and i'm cruising along at 50 and lean over to take the bend. It is at this point that I see a flash of something and realise just before I hit it that it is fishing line. I'm leant over so I can't brake and it is too late anyway. I go through it and luckily it hits the windscreen, then my helmet and then breaks. My house is literaly two doors down from this so I pull up home and look back shaking like a leaf. I have a wife and two young girsl and they almost lost their dad. When I look back I see two kids run out of the bushes and take off on their scooters. I hop back on the bike and try and chase them but they cut through a park and disappeared. I got back home and rang the cops. They turned up within 5 mins but it was too late as the little basterds were gone. This was an experience that I do not want to go through again. Be careful out there, especially around blind corners. There are idiots everywere. Also this happened during school holidays when the little shits are 'bored'.