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Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by bobtrx, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I'm going to winton sat 18th Aug for a ride day . Havn't riden there before can someone give a few comments on the track etc

    Title edited - Please don't use all Caps in your title - Thanx Flipper
  2. Get there early to secure a pit shed, sign on is usualy in the little controll box by the entrance to the circuit.

    Gearing is the same as broadford (if you have alternate gearing.)
    On stock sprockets you'll only use up to 4th gear. It's fairly tight and twisty.

    There is a big left hand sweeper with a couple of bumps in it to keep you focused and the track surface looks much worse than it is.

    If it rains, don't worry, it'll just even out the grip everywhere.

    The pit sheds have power in them but are open so if its windy it can get a little cool.

    Canteen food is ok. The steak sandwich has a 50/50 chance of being a good feed but if in doubt, go for the hot chips. Although a bacon and eggs roll is good choice in the morning.

    Spectators can drive all the way round the circuit and a good place to watch is the sweeper or up at moes nose.
  3. Take it easy until you get to know the track, sounds sensible, but most people tend to fang it as soon as they see some nice tarmac in front of them.

    Watch out for the decreasing radius left hander (sweeper), you don't want to go in there too hot if you don't know the track too well.

    Winton is good for working on your technique, it's flat and you can see through all the corners. The tight sections are fun.

    If it's windy it'll be pretty cool, make sure to remember some chairs for the pits.
  4. Probably the biggest assistance I can give you is to say that as you leave the marshalling area and enter the track remember to turn left :LOL:

    He's talking about a ride day so you'll probably find sign on will be in the red building at the top of the main paddock area.

    Only if they open up the gates that let you around the outside of the circuit, or should I say if they remember to lock them after running around during the week doing maintenance work :wink:

    Also watch where you go if wet as it can get boggy and there's not a lot of help around on ride days to extricate you from a muddy bog.

    There's actually a car meeting up there this weekend and rain is predicted so I'd better pack the rain coat :roll:
  5. Thanks for the replies , pay tv weather shows rain , I don't mind a wet track but wind and rain give me the sh-ts . Does the track have many off camber corners. They cause me some concern . I'm too old to shoot out the gate with out learning the track a little . 4 th gear sounds a mite optimistic for me I thought maybe 3rd gear , thanks again
  6. Flipper you are a legendary Mod :applause:
  7. Nothing off camber but if it's the long circuit, the last two corners can be a little slippery.

    Don't use all caps in your post either ;) - Flipper
  8. see you there bob me on a old zx6r first time too
  9. If the track did have some off camber corners, a track day would be the perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills dealing with them. Then you'd never be worried on the road again (well not anywhere near as much).

    I'm dyin for a track day, just can't coordinate time-off-work with time-bike-is-running-properly.
  10. Off camber corners are only a concern if you don't know they're there... not a concern at a track.
  11. I've been to winton a few times flagging race events and the track looked like it had off camber type corners and that has in the past stopped me from doing a day there , but when a friend told me me was going there for his first ride day I said" not without me" , hence the general questions I will look out for you kawa man. You will see 1 old farts playing the older I get the faster I was and the other soaking in the experience as a ride day virgin
  12. Thanks again for all the help people , the day was perfect weatherwise. Champions did the usual great job and I hope the unfortunate few are ok It took a few sessions to work out the track then it was fun for the rest of the day . From being a track I didn't think I would like I will be going back again. Oran parks now on the list for early Oct , I will post you kawasaki1 closer to the day
  13. Where can you get info on the track days and do you race against other bikes or what are the conditions like?
  14. Most of my ride days I do with www.championsridedays.com.au In the back of AMCN bike mag is a list of ridedays and contacts . Usually 3 groups ,fast medium slow , 20min sessions x 6 for the day . Well run day and usually safe ( thats up to you ) . You go at your own pace , no racing but you can go as fast as you like . Any capacity bike you want to ride and in reasonable working condition . Leathers etc all the info from who ever is running the day
  15. Like all new tracks, take it slow and easy and build up speed.

    Winton does have few bumps and seems in tricky places that you'll discover and then figure out the best line to take over / around them.