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Winton track ride, Good Fri 14th April

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Hi Guy's,

    I've checked with Benalla Auto Club, Winton is open for practise on Good Friday the 14th of April.

    I'm going to go up there to test the TnT for the second round of the Victorian Championships the following weekend.

    The track is open from 10am to 4.30pm, you do not need a licence, just helmet & leathers.

    All bikes can ride but be warned, because it is a public holiday, there could be a few riders there; learners on slower 250's might not feel real comfortable out there. Best for riding novices to try another test day maybe?

    It costs $100 for the day, if cars show up, they alternate the sessions in 30 min intervals.

    If anyone that wants some tuition from me, I will only assist you if you have sat in a classroom 'theory' session with me prior to the day. I will organize a couple before the 14th.

    Winton is a 2 hour drive north of Melbourne (Benalla), all are welcome to come up and watch.

    Those that might want to travel up together, we can
    meet at K-Mart/Coles at 7am Friday 14th April
    Cnr Mahoneys Rd & Hume Hwy (not new Hume freeway)
    Melway Ref Pg 7, G10

    Exit from Western Ring Road and head north, there will be another set of traffic light to take you into the carpark after the Hume Hwy and Mahoneys rd intersection.
  2. John, is it well oragnised or everyone just goes hell for leather? do they have groups? I have only been on a track once, but im not a newbie rider either? what do you think?
  3. It will be 'all in', it depends on who shows as to how hot it gets out there. Most riders end up arriving late, if you are there ready for the first session, you find you'll have a clear (not so busy) track for a couple of sessions.
  4. I'll be in Benalla anyway over easter as my parents live there. Do you have to book or can I suss it out on the day if I want to join in? :)
  5. You can just roll up on the day and ride if you feel like it.
  6. That way you don't lose any money if it's raining and you don't want to ride :)
  7. I really like the sound of that! That way I can also suss out whos on the track to see whether I feel comfy enough to go out. I sound like a nance dont I?
  8. It's ok, I was thinking the same thing. You never know who you're gonna get unless you have a look. I can't afford a spill right now. :wink:
  9. Goody! guess what Im doin on good Friday!
  10. oh sweet
    i think im going come if im not working
    hey curtain girl if i am going u want to go together??
  11. Yah cool. do you have leather pants? you will need them if you want to go on the track. I wont go if its raining though
  12. no but ill get some and same if raining i wont go either
  13. I'm chasing down some leathers, if it comes through and I'm healthy enough I'll take a punt at this.
  14. What's Winton like on the bike? Bumpy? This could be fun, normally PI and Sandown, so Winton could be the go.

    Now, still hunting down an NC30 for racing...
  15. Winton is fun on a bike. Lots of corners to work on, especially when they run the short track. :grin:
  16. Winton is available on most Fridays for private practice unless there's a proper race meeting on the weekend and then the track is usually only available to competitors from that event (things like the V8's, Aust Supers, May Historics meeting and so on). If in doubt ring and check.

    So Good Friday is not something unusual but being a pubic holiday means those who actually work for a living get a chance to go and play.

    As with all these ride/race days, remember you break it, you own it and your insurance company wont cover the damage if you own up to doing it on the track or any warranty the bike may have will be invalidated :wink:

    PS. I spelt Public as Pubic on purpose to see if anyone noticed
  17. I've only driven on Winton in a car, but it was an absolute blast. Last time I went the track was vey smooth (a while ago now) and I'm guessing it would be great fun on a bike. :)
  18. I rode at Winton mid last year, I don't remember it being very bumpy, I lost the front end (yes crashed) going into the sweeper at about 140 but I think that was a cold front tyre.
  19. This sounds like a lot of fun. What does the classroom 'theory' session involve as i am up for all the right advice i can get. What sort of things would you be teaching and is there any cost for this??

    To be honest with you Johnny you strike me as a bloke who has learnt more by getting out there and doing it rather than learning about it in a classroom.
  20. Hey no charge, it's better if I go through some safety aspects and see what people know and want to learn or we'll waste valuable track time when we get there.

    I have learn't from hands-on experience but it has taken over 30 years, I can pass-on most of that info pretty quickly.