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N/A | National Winton track days, who's running them?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Dylan05, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Champions ride days havent run a Winton day in nearly a year. Does anyone know if ride days are still happening out there and who is running them or is it just cars only now?

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  2. Live timing too which is a great added extra for racers or track day punters looking to improve their times.

    Removing lap timers from other circuits is a mystery so it's good someone is allowing it by actually providing it in the cost.

    Would have gone up tomorrow but bike still requires more to finish off.
  3. Nice looking at the website they let you take cameras on track too. One thing they dont mention is their prices
  4. Pretty sure it does, anyway $169.

    Don't book a garage as it will cost you $50 with you entry. Just rock up on the day and you'll get one, as they are free. Garages cost $90.

    Might think about heading up next month.
  5. im booked in for broady on the 2/2 think I may be joining you up at Winton too
  6. Im book for broady 26th, then MV practice day on 27th.

    All things going well, after races on 9th/10th feb I'll head up and do Winton on the 16th.