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Winton has purchased Wakefield Park

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. http://www.wintonmotorraceway.com.au/home/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=65&Itemid=9

    Winton Motor Raceway and associated entities are pleased to announce that they have successfully purchased Wakefield Park Raceway. Wakefield Park, a 2.2km National standard racing facility, is one of NSW premier racing facilities and located at Goulburn, 180km south of Sydney.

    Established in 1994 as “The Home of Club Motorsport†by Paul Samuels and John Carter, Wakefield Park is one of the few privately owned motor racing circuits in Australia. The circuit was originally conceived to cater to the modest budgets of clubs and historic motorsport enthusiasts, whilst also deriving income from running professionally organised events.

    In 2000, Wakefield was acquired by a Sydney based consortium. The new owners then built on Wakefield Park’s grass roots beginnings in club and historic motorsport, by improving the circuit and facilities, running higher profile meetings and expanding its corporate activities.

    The acquisition will strongly unite the operations of Winton Motor Raceway and Wakefield Park both of which share remarkable similarities not only in their current operations, but both being located approximately 2 hours from their respective Capital cities on the Hume Highway.

    Winton Motor Raceway Chief Executive Officer Mick Ronke is extremely pleased with the new acquisition. “Wakefield Park is similar to Winton in that they are among Australia’s busiest race circuits and we are more than pleased to have been the successful purchaser of the propertyâ€.

    “We are experiencing a growth period at Winton Motor Raceway mainly thanks to circuit users being able to make a choice between the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance and other recognised alternative sanctioning bodies and we look forward to bringing Wakefield Park similar opportunities for further growth which will be very exciting indeedâ€.

    The flagship event a Wakefield Park is Round 3 of the 2007 V8 Supercar Development Series being held on 1st April, which, this year is being televised by the Seven Network.

    The current staff at Wakefield Park will continue their employment including Circuit Manager and Legendary motorsport champion Garry Willmington.

    Wakefield Park will also host two rounds of the 2007 Australian Motor Racing Series as well a two rounds of the NSW State Circuit Racing Series, and will continue all its other activities which are currently held at the circuit.

    One of the upgrades at Wakefield Park in the next 12 months will be the resurfacing of the 2.2km track with a hotmix surface which will be beneficial to the many different motor sport disciplines which compete at Wakefield Park.

    Meanwhile, Winton Motor Raceway will undergo significant upgrades in time for Round 4 of the 2007 V8 Supercar Championship being held 18 – 20 May, 2007.

    In excess of $1million infrastructure upgrades are hurriedly being completed before the May event. Upgrades include power supply to the Pit complex and extended power around the facility. A $300,000 upgrade of the waste water facilities will also include an additional toilet and a water recycling program. Parking area upgrades and Corporate facility upgrades will also be taking place for the event which will kick off on Friday 18th May.

    A “Kitome†facility is being established at the circuit for use by volunteer officials who travel long distances to work at race meetings and find it impossible to gain accommodation in the area when motels are fully booked by raceway patrons.

    In conjunction with Regional Development Victoria and the State Government, Winton has been successful in obtaining a $20,000 grant for the strategic study of the development of motorsport and its associated operations with the view to cementing the future of the raceway in the area. Ronke said… “These are very exciting times for those associated with Winton, some of whom took part in the humble beginnings of motor racing in this area at a meeting conducted at Walkers Sports Store in Benalla 50 years ago this Octoberâ€.

    Winton Motor Raceway has a 3.0km circuit in National configuration as well as a 2.03km circuit in Club configuration located near Benalla, just off the Hume Highway, Victoria. The circuit has been established for over 45 years and hosts motorcycle, motor car and superkart racing as well as having vehicle product testing facilities.
  2. Lets hope they have budget for some resurfacing and maybe even power points that work! I like Wakefield, but lets face it, its a goat track.
  3. To answer one of your questions;

    So there you go.......
  4. Looking forward to trying it out for the first time after the improvement. A few guys in my club are also hoping they lengthen and widen the track as well as adding in some more left handers.

    Hopefully it will become as attractive for bike riders as Eastern Creek and Oran Park are. It sure is a hell of a lot closer.
  5. Ah Haggismaen, if only our grand visions of the 70s had not been scuttled by a coterie of geriatric eco-Nazis, we might well have had a racing circuit RIGHT IN CANBERRA! The Fraser Government had agreed in principle to the building of a world-class circuit just over the hills behind the north eastern suburbs, and the NCDC were right behind it....

    sigh, what might have been......
  6. Especially with OP closing in the near future to become yet another bloody housing estate although from what I've read they are going to build a new track elsewhere (a location I'm hearing is Wilton which gets bloody confusing in a thread on another car forum that also mentions Winton in the same sentence :roll: ).
  7. Its not THAT bad :LOL: Group of us went there. I took the 05 ZX6R up.


    Been to Oran last year as well but dam photobucket keeps timing out on me when trying to upload.
    Nothing flash anyway. Was tagging a g/f in the clip so wasnt pushing hard.
  8. I'd read that the Winton Track rental fees had risen significantly and now I can understand why.