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Winton 5/02/2012

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Sheeth, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Me and the brother are in!

    We've done Broadford to death and it's time for a new adventure. We're heading down this weekend and can't wait!

    Anyone else want to make the journey??

  2. I would but my hand is still in plaster from the crash at Broadford.

    Enjoy it!! Ill be keen to do that track someday.
  3. Geez mate what happened at Broady. Are you OK, what about the beast?

  4. Came off exiting turn 1. Just fairing and lever damage. New fairings on the way. 2 busted bones in hand, plaster for 5 weeks.
  5. I'm unlikely to get there this time around, but please do let us all know what the track's like. :biker:
  6. Thinking about it I've got the day off if theres still spots available I might go, was thinking of doing broady on the 10th

    Thought about it booked in the green group be a loud noisy black cbr 400 see you there
  7. No good to hear about your hand Gilesy! At least your still keen, how many weeks left until your back on the bike??

    Dylan05 pumped that your coming along! Me and the brother are both booked into Green group with you. Ill definitely come and say hi, look out for my multicolored monstrosity.

    I'm really pumped to learn this new track, try and apply all my new skills and pace to a new track!

    Anyone else in???
  8. nice, if you get there really early save a spot for me in the pits please :)I'll be the really slow one in the group.
    Weather should be 30
  9. Winton is always a bit of fun. I went there weekend just gone with a mate to take his car around for the fun day. It was great to talk to Gearheads again instead of the drool I talk to at work.

    One thing to watch out for though is the Cockies. A few of them met their fate on the weekend and I can only imagine what its like to his one on a bike!!! :shock:
  10. A friend of mine once hit a kookaburra at about $1.20... He said that copping such a large bird in the head certainly didn't tickle. I suspect that a Cockie would be worse because it's a pretty big bird. Add to that the extra speed on the track, and it could be rather nasty!
  11. Winton has a good lay out and a pretty good track, however it lacks elevation...it is too flat IMO. The surface is a bit on the bad side due to cars/drifters but it's still bearable :)...assuming it hasn't been fixed since my last time there (which was in 2009 :?)

    Had 1 race there and it was great, until I pushed my boundaries a little too far into turn 1 haha.

    Hope you enjoy it out there :).
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