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Winter riding in Qld

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Blabbs, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Spent four days away in the sun.
    Did I miss anything ?

    Just spent 4 days riding in Qld.
    20-26 everyday,cant say I missed you.
    Some pics-
  2. Half your luck and of course you did.
  3. the rain
  4. no i didnt
  5. been quiet here though, not much happening
  6. I call Bullsh!t. Those photos were taken on New years eve 2010.

    The exif data says:
    Make: FUJIFILM
    Model: FinePix A700
    xmas10044 Date time 2010:12:31 09:21:06
    xmas10020 Date time 2010:12:31 08:33:39

    Or do you mean you were cruising in the green Hyundai?
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  7. Oh - burn...

    This thread now has potential

  8. Save some for me, I've got front row seats.

    At the risk of spoiling a good stoush, it could be that he never bothered to adjust the date and time on his camera, or, of course, that he is having a lend of us.
  9. Qld is a big state. Why not put up a Google map of your ride so we can see where you went.
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  11. Told you I was a woman.
  12. That is a possibility yes, but the thing that was obvious was that the photo names are xmas... which looked an odd name for something taken recently.

    If you mouse over each photo their location is:

    That they are in an album called xmas10 tends to support, my call that these photos are 2 and half years old.

    Blabbus; having a lend of us? Always.
  13. Well Blabbs let's have it ?
  14. Good work Detective O'Cycle
  15. Alter ego :)

    Same profile name in Youtube where you find a vid of Blabbs starting up a Ducati Bevel.

    on eBay:


    & Ducati forum


    I actually posted that info before the detective however the post was removed :p


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  16. Blabbs for the past 4 days