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Winter rain ruining my pipes :(

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by KumuduG, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys. I have a rust problem in my exhaust pipes. Mine is a 2015 MT-09 and I use it as a daily runner. I have had it for a couple of months now and it has seen some nasty rainy days. The exhaust pipes has started to show rust and in some parts the chrome has peeled off. Do you guys have any tips and tricks to minimize any future damage?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. Stock pipes or original? If original and its a newish bike I'd be taking it back to the dealer to sort out....
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  3. Looks like a cheap job or defect in the chroming process.
    My bikes go through the same rainstorms with little more than road grime over them and very light surface rust which can be rubbed off with metal polish.

    My only other guess is your picking up a significant number of stone chips.
  4. That's pretty poor, I agree with chillibutton go and see your dealer.

    Other than that all I can suggest is a replacement exhaust system, I dunno if Staintune do one for your bike but the quality of their stainless systems is excellent and they last for a very long time before corrosion is an issue in my experience.
  5. That's a bit harsh for a 2015 bike to rust like that. I'd imagine its under some sort of warranty still so i'd be checking with the dealer on this one.
  6. I haven't washed my bike since I bought it but when I do this weekend, I'll see if it has the same issue and take pics. Mines' also a 15' plate and used rail, hail or shine but headers should not peel that quickly. Maybe if we complain loud enough, we'll get akrapovic replacements =D

    I know there was an issue in UK where MT-09 rear shock paint was peeling and rusted but Yamaha officially claimed defect and got it replaced. Hopefully there are no other quality issues like that.
  7. stones could be hitting the pipes, cracking the relatively brittle chrome, and allowing pitting corrosion underneath. (if they are chromium plated steel), worth hassling dealer about though...

    is the light brown stuff actually rust? chrome shouldn't rust at all. does it come off with a polish?
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  8. I agree with oldcorollasoldcorollas , I may be new to bikes but I know a little about rust and the like. I actually, just by looking at it, think you have merely tried to wipe it with a cloth, and haven't polished it properly as dirt can become almost as stubborn as rust. The chips look like they were instigated by stones and other environmental factors, and I would really have a good polish and scrub and post photos back if you still have underlying corrosion/rust. I would expect to see a more 'dotted' appearance rather than a dense area.
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  9. YOU RIDE IN THE RAIN!!!! Well that's where you have gone wrong ;)

    Seriously though, they are meant to have a nano film coating whatever that means? Does the manual say anything about looking after it?
  10. Thanks guys. I do ride in rain cause I use the bike as my daily runner. I ordered this "http://www.quick-glo.com/". Let's see how it goes. As you guys said I also think I didn't put enough elbow grease to clean it up. Gonna check whether it's baked dirt by cleaning up with "QuickGlo" once it arrives. I will post pics after that.
  11. Hi, in other forums there has been some reported rust problems in MT's. It seems to pop up in different places, so have a look around it may not just be on the headers. I noticed on my mt 07 that the bolts on the bar end weights were a little rusted. I haven't seen any other rust though. Good luck but as others said may be worth getting it checked by the dealer.
  12. Are the mt-07's sold in Victoria sold with warranties? If so, how long is the period and what sort of things does it cover? Will it cover this?
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