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Winter pants?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by QuarterWit, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Looking at getting some winter textile pants for touring. Anyone have any first hand experience with any brands? Looks like things have changed since I last looked at textiles 6-7 years ago.

    Budget is around 300.00. I'm looking at some ixon's at the moment, but keep reading mixed reports.

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  2. #4 Victriple, Jun 9, 2013
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    I've had Dainese wet weather gear in the past. Quality is in my experience great, all the fabrics seem to wear really well and the D-Dry fabric or whatever its called and the seams have never leaked, included armor has always been pretty good etc etc.

    Can't really fault their gear so far but I'll be trying something else next purely for reasons of finding a better fit (Dainese pants are a bit short in the leg for a 6ft3in tall guy like my self).

    I've always purchased their mid to high range stuff so price could potentially be another sticking point.
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  3. I have a pair from BGA which are ok.
    They have a removable liner. Even without that liner in and vents open they were way too hot here in Summer. Yet to try them in Winter but will today.

    I also have RJays thermal liner which I've slipped under Kevlars a few times. Not quite as warm as I thought it would be but hasn't been used in excessive cold to really test yet.
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    I have Dririder gear and have been less than impressed with build quality. I am now on my 2nd set of pants n jacket as the 1st were replaced under warranty after about 5 months.

    I have the Nordic pants. They have removable lining n all that, but in really cold weather you need jeans or something underneath. We rode to the Prom the other week n I actually wore some of my diving thermals under my jeans. I am happy enough with them as long as the stitching stays together!

    <edit> Oh! Their sizing is limited too. I had to go for the "super fat fcuk" size so I could get ones that fit my legs.
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  5. Vic, I've been thinking about the Dainese pants - but the ones I want don't seem to be available in Australia and by the time I get something delivered from overseas I'll probably already be on my ride to SA - which is what I'm after them for.

    Looks like dririder haven't really improved since the last time I checked them out?
  6. Another +1 for RST touring Pro Series

    I've had my gear for 3 winters - this winter will be the 4th.

    It is starting to fail a bit now - but the first couple of years it was bullet proof.
    And hell - for ~$450 head to toe full waterproof, full armour, full thermal gear....3-4 years aint bad.
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  7. Looks like RST might be a goer then.

    Now to find a stockist.
  8. Peter Stephens has a pretty good range in their stores and you can try and test it on and then its your personal preference if you want to buy it from them or get someone else to order it for you. Race Replica in Brooklyn doesn't generally carry stock but can order it for you pretty quickly
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  9. McDuff, but make sure you get the woollen ones for winter:
  10. Thanks Mat. Ugh. Peter Stevens staff. Once more unto the breech then!
  11. PS Ringwood had specials on winter gear 2 weeks ago. Maybe call up & check out.
  12. Might give them a buzz and head out to ringworm then.
  13. I bought the S3 performance cargo's off ebay for $129 posted. They're the best I've ever used even if they are crappy camo pattern. Far more comfortable than any of the $300+ pants I wore and keep me very warm and comfy and best of all, waterproof in these Melbourne downpour's we've had recently.
  14. I have a pair of RST Outlast Pants (or jeans as it is called). Had them for 3 weeks now. I've been using them for my daily commute and a couple of weekend rides. So far I've been very happy with my purchase.

    The Outlast lining is a lot thinner than the quilted lining that you would normally get with other textile pants, which is ideal because the fit is tight (to make sure that the knee guards fit correctly). These are not over-pants.

    In this winter weather, the outlast lining keeps me cool, not hot, not warm and not shivering cold.

    The outer layer is water resistant and the waterproof/breathable layer is a membrane. I was caught in heavy rain a couple of weeks ago and it did a great job of keeping me dry; however the outer layer was still damp after hanging it overnight in the garage.

    Overall I would recommend this gear. I also have the Outlast jacket which has been performing well.
  15. People will laugh and scoff but the aldi textile ones with the armour are a decent kit, ridden in pouring rain and not wet, and you can remove the thermal liner if need be.
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  16. Personally I just wear thermals under my leathers (track pants as well if it's really cold) .

    But my wife swears by her MotoDry Duo's.
  17. Which model exactly were you after? I wanted the Gator recently but they weren't available and I ended up going with the Bruce Goretex Pants. It's my first set of gear (so don't call me an expert) but they are really sturdy, well armoured, comfortable, and I do not feel the cold through them with just a pair of thermals underneath (riding around at about 5deg on the weekend), and my mate swears by his pair of Gator pants in the ACT.

    Try Bikemart in Ringwood too, just next to A1 near Autobarn. Remember PS has moved up to Car City.
  18. Agree! I know it's hit or miss with the Aldi stuff but mine have remained dry, warm and comfortable. I just wear draggins underneath for a bit of extra security.
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