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Winter Pants Question.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Maximus, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Dririder Nordic4 Pants

  2. AGV Tour Fabric Pants

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  1. hey guys it's that time of the year coming again when it's real "pleasant" to ride. got caught in yesterdays storm. saturated is to say nothing about all of my gear. start seriously thinking about investing some cash in winter pants. my budget is pretty tight and i would like to ask for some advice. the choices are dririder nordic4 vs agv tour fabric pant. both pretty much the same price. would greatly appreciate any suggestions or any other alternatives.

  2. OK, at the risk of not answering the question by answering the question, let me say that I have a $60 pair of plastic Dri-Rider pants that fit over my leathers or Draggins and I can categorically say that I have NEVER been wet while wearing them..
  3. i've got a pair of plastic pants from an adventure store and i basically got 2 problems with them:

    1. you sometimes don't know if it's gonna rain and wearing them just for the hell of it is not really comfortable cause they are simply not breathable

    2. they do keep most of the water out,even though i somehow copped quite a bit through the right pocket yesterday, but in winter they didn't keep me warm. the plastic shell was getting very cold itself in the wind and passing all that coldness through to my draggins.

    so hm..... don't really know if it's the option i really like.... or maybe i should get some better plastic pants...
  4. If you have room to carry it, why not a one-piece over-suit, larger than your normal clothes size, so you can wear something warm underneath; dry and warm?? Whatever you do in that area, it needs to be made specifically for motorcycling; keeping water out while you're trekking the Gobi desert isn't the same as keeping it out at 100kph on the Monash :).
  5. I also have a pair of the Dri-rider plastic overpants. On the few occasions that I have needed them they kept me dry and I also found they kept out the cold as well, although I have never worn them for longer than a couple of hours.

    As Hornet600 said, the motorcycle "quality" should be a bit better than standard outdoor store pants.

    I have thought about getting better pants, but I like riding in the draggins and for the amount of times I have needed the plastic overpants it didn't seem worthwhile.

    PS. I also got caught in that Melbourne downpour yesterday. I thought I had missed most of it, but then just 100 metres from home and stuck behind a slow 4WD, it pelted down. Was a bit of surprise - its been about 7 or 8 months since I got caught in the rain on the bike. :shock:

  6. I have Motodry duo winter pants and jacket as well as rjays overpants. both have there puposes, and both were inexpensive
  7. +1 wear them over my draggins very nice.
  8. hey,

    ended up getting Nordic Pro pants which apparently just came out last week. got removable liner unlike nordic4. the knee armour is pretty poor but i wear full shin/knee protectors anyway. so i guess it was a good deal. and they do look much better i recon.
  9. No the Nordic pants have been out for ages.

    Why not look at the IXON brand? I am going to be getting the IXON Climber pants soon. They have heaps of padding and protection in them.
  10. I use a $50 pair of pvc dri-rider pants over my draggin jeans, on really cold days i have thermal longjohns under my draggins too. Ridden in -2deg temperature at 100km/h and been quite warm.
  11. No, Dririder have updated a lot of their gear for 2007. As Maximus stated the new Nordic Pro have a removable liner as opposed to the old Nordic which did not. :)
  12. Motodry have always had the removable thermal liner and are usually cheaper than dri-rider. I don't have shares in motodry, just don't see any reason to get stuck on a single brand.
  13. Good to know Pete I'll have a look at them next week. Do you have some? Do they offer much protection?
  14. i tried the ixon climber pants,but they just didn't feel right. they were the first ones on the list but after trying them and the dryriders i had to go the dririder way. but that just me and it might be just the fitting issue. climbers are good pants but just didn't feel tight on me.