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winter pants - keeping the wind out

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. my draggins just aren't cutting it in this cold weather.

    can anyone recommend some good pants that look nice & keep the wind out apart from dririders? I can't really afford them at the moment since i keep buying parts for my bike.

  2. Any of the plastic over pants help a fair bit.
    otherwise just wear two pears or pants
  3. Hey edgelett, go to big w and grab youself some thermals and some thermal waterproof socks. Its amazing how much heat you lose through your feet and legs. One layer of thermals plus your draggin jeans and you can ride through most weather including the snow down here.

    edit: typos like a mofo...
  4. don't you mean keeping the wind in?
  5. At the risk of attracting some serious abuse, try womens pantyhose. When I lived in Germany all the big hairy bikers wore it under their trousers in the Bavarian winter. It's light, non-restrictive, insulates really well, and you can carry it in a jacket pocket until required..
  6. Pantyhose, or any undergarment made of silk. Or a pair of waterproof overpants, they help a lot by blocking the wind. I often do that - in the morning when it's cold I put them on, once it warms up I take them off and I'm comfortable for the rest of the day in draggins.
  7. well since I'm a woman I won't abuse you. :wink:

    good suggestions, I hadn't considered thermals just cause they're soooooooooooooooooooooo not sexy. But since some days it's 1 degree when I leave home, it just may come to that!
  8. I went looking for a pair of Draggins
    and was told about the
    Thomas Cook FULLY Polar Fleece lined pants
    even the pockets are fleece lined
    for Under $100 by Brian at Bike Mart in Ringwood
    i tried a pair on and never took them off
    a HUGE thanks
    for Exellent Service from Brian and Sharon :grin:

    they are a lil bulky
    (for those that worry about not looking like a model)

    but WOW are they Exellent to ride in and even wear everyday
    they are sooo comfy ,i wear mine all the time now
    and am not looking to get any draggins any more
    i rode to Buxton on Sunday in them and even when it got a tad cold once over the dom dom saddle i was comfy and warm
    i 100% recommend them
  9. Those cooky krauts :shock:

    Well as someone who rides everyday 120kms round trip in all weather I have got a pair of draggins and I put a pair of motodry waterproof pants over the top they have quilted liner for really cold days ie below 5C in the AM.

    Before that I had a pair of Rjays cheap plastic pants over the top of the draggins, not bad bit noisy though. ANd no good if below 5C.

    Before that I used to wear a pair of long pushbike tights underneath these were pretty good but jeans got wet, but legs stayed dry.
  10. not sexy... well yeah you got me... you change out of you draggins when you get to work? so there isnt any real problem with thermals...
  11. yeah I change when I get to work

    only problem with thermals is when I get home & am in "the mood" - it can be all over at the sight of thermals! lol.

    seriously, may have to invest.

  12. i got my thermals from Narbethong (1st ski shop as you come into town good $price)

    they are purple and white striped
    they certainly arent sexy
    but i do get called Beetlejuice :rofl:
  13. They offer no more protection than normal denim jeans though...
    So basically useless in a slide.

    Cordura is your best bet. I wear Rjays cordura winter pants over the top of my jeans on really cold mornings. Can then just strip them off when I get to work.
  14. Hey warm bits are better than "sorry I have to go and defrost in the shower bits" :wink: plus when you in the mood nothing matters... peolpe shead layers like onions when horny... fully clothed... naked 0.258 sec!!! a new record :LOL:
  15. All the bike/accessories shops have a big range of textile pants. I cant remember what brand mine are but i got some just as the cold weather started and i love them. They are just like a textile jacket in that they have a zip out winter liner and CE armour as well. Water proof and wind proof.

    I'll continue to wear mine without the inner liner throughout summer as "touring" pants.
  16. When ready to buy Dririder pants, also have a look at the selection from Motodry and Ixon. I've got a pair of Ixon Climber pants, I think RRP is about $190 or something, and they look good and have CE armour in them, and also come with a zip in winter liner. They also have reflective piping so that when you're riding at night you don't "disappear" into the darkness :)
  17. Ray's Outdoors have a good range of thermal tops and bottoms and socks.
  18. Hey there

    I know you said no to dririder pants... but I bought a pair of dririder typhoon pants for my other half and they work a treat. Have even used them myself a few times and I'm a wuss... and managed to ride in some pretty cold Adelaide weather. They could even go over the top of your draggins... bought them from Yamaha World on South Road.. they took a bit off the price too. Got them for about $89 I think.