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Winter jacket recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BigTrev, May 16, 2016.

  1. Howdy all,

    I live in dubbo and as of now we are already reaching temps of the single digit kind. As this is my first winter and i ride 70kms to work every morning i need some warm jacket suggestions please?

    I have been looking at a dririder vortex jacket so far and it looks dam good.

    Im looking at spending around the 500 mark.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Howdy Trev,

    i have a RST Paragon III Jacket

    Has multiple layers and is very warm in winter. Fingers on the other hand are a different matter.

    I will need to get me some heated grips at some stage!


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  3. If your current jacket is windproof might be better getting decent thermals/fleece to wear under it. Are you after waterproof as well or just warm?
  4. I really love my Dririder (can't remember the 'model') -just make sure it has a removable warm liner and sufficient space to wear layers underneath. If the arms are 'snug' to start of with it's difficult to layer your arms.

    A few thermals are also a great addition
  5. Check out Blue Dingo jackets. You probably won't find a store retailer, but look at Gumtree. They sell out of Blue Mountains. $150-$170 or something. Very good. I use them in a Canberra winter, works alright for me in -7 degrees. They run a bit large.
  6. I have a Ixon Ranger. Love it. Used everyday in Canberra's winter. Can pretty much ride with just a t-shirt underneath
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  7. No one jacket is going to do it. You need to layer up underneath it for it to be effective, with a water/windproof layer on the outside.
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  8. dude, XJ6NXJ6N is in Dubbo, maybe he can share some local knowledge with you
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  9. Just a note,
    Andy Strapz is now the agent for "Held" Jackets and Gloves here in Vic. The Held gloves I tried on were very nice.
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  10. G'day TrevTrev. I haven't used the Vortex jacket but I have borrowed another rider's Dririder jacket and it worked well. For what it's worth I was given an RJays full-length textile jacket and while it worked quite well through the first Winter I commuted, the Dririder jacket I borrowed had better construction, fit and warmth.

    Currently, I use an IXON Copper Rock leather jacket and with the liner in I was still comfortable commuting thirty kilometres on the Mitchell Highway (on a naked bike) on those -4°C mornings we sometimes get at Dubbo. I also use a Halvarssons neck tube that also makes the early morning Winter commute quite bearable. It's good to see another rider from Dubbo on the forum, especially an all-seasons commuter!
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  11. Wagga gets pretty cold in Winter (-5c is not uncommon). I currently have an RST Pro Series Adventure that works well enough. Previously I had the RJays version it worked as well. For pants I actually bought a cheap pair of ski pants from Aussie Disposals to wear over my work pants/leathers.

    As someone else said though, the trick to being warm is layering, starting with good quality thermals.
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  12. Just noticed you've got the Ixon jacket I'm looking at. Have you ever been in rain or how does it for in heavy most type situations. I want to go leather this winter but worried about the weather.
  13. For what it is - a basic leather jacket with removable quilted liner - it is worth every cent of the ~AU$350 I paid for it from Sydney City Motorcycles in July last year. The next step up in price was around AU$500.

    It fits around me very well - almost as though it had been tailored. Armour in the elbows and shoulders and I think it has the facility for back armour too. It has two chest vent zips for warm weather. The zip quality is good, still very smooth.

    As mentioned before, it performed well in cold weather. There was one night when I was coming back across the NSW central tablelands in July when the temperature at dusk was already below zero and I had to layer up quite a bit - Icebreaker shirt, polar fleece jersey. I would choose this jacket over my textile jacket if travelling somewhere like the Australian Alps.

    Last November I did a local ride and got caught in a violent thunderstorm for about 30 minutes with torrential rain and hail. It took most of that 30 minutes for water to get in around my neck - if I'd been wearing my waterproof neck tube I'd have stayed drier for longer. Part of the reason I chose this jacket was that it had much less stitching and seams than other ones so it was likely to stay drier on the inside for longer. It's not waterproof but I'd weather a short shower or two in it as opposed to getting the rain suit out.

    One thing it doesn't have is a zip or other fastener for pants so if you're thinking of a track day this probably won't suffice. I've applied Mother brand leather conditioner on it 2-3 times since I've bought it and the leather is supple and doesn't have any apparent cracks. Considering the quality, fit, appearance and everyday-wear durability of the jacket I would definitely recommend it.
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  14. Great thanks for the detailed response.

    I'm just looking for a winter leather jacket that can handle a bit of moisture here and there. If it's going to rain properly then I'd hear up for that.

    I live in Brisbane too so the weather won't be as cold. Currently have a perforated leather jacket with a sleeveless liner.
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  15. Couldn't agree more. I used a Dri Rider Alpine jacket for a few winters and used a base thermal layer along with a micro fleece jumper under the jacket to keep warm.

    Then had Ice breaker merino wool leggings under the Kevlar Jeans or textile pants for the all day rides...

    Also had to use a neck warmer and at times a balaclava as well...

    I've retired the Dri Rider jacket and invested in a Rukka jacket so will be using it when winter arrives. From what I've heard/read, Rukka jackets are especially made for winter so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

    Winter riding is awesome fun if dressed warmly...

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  16. Ah yes. Cant' forget the neck sock/balaclava.
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  17. True..

    And at times, one may need both. I just love Icebreaker stuff... Worth every dollar.
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  18. I'm a cheap bastard so I generally just buy the cheap stuff. I find wearing both a balaclava and neck socks restricts me too much. Balaclava's can also be a pain if wear glasses.
  19. I'm a sucker for cheap deals too..

    I did buy a Dri Rider balaclava and neck warmer but they were too thick and not too warm so after a lot of research, settled down on Icebreaker stuff.

    No way I paid the retail price...I normally find a factory outlet and get it from there at half the price.

    Before that I'd bought a cheap fleece neck warmer and that was crap. Couldn't even wear it with the helmet and jacket.

    I wear glasses too but the icebreaker balaclava has a nice stretch to it so it's not too bad.
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  20. I'll keep an eye out for the Icebreaker stuff. Bit hard though only having one actual bike shop in town. We do have a dedicated motorcycle tyre shop who sells a few bits and pieces, and there is a bike accessories store but he caters mainly to the 'cruiser' market.