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winter jacket query

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nibor, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    im beginning to look into the clothing side of things, fairly extensively. heading into winter, im clearly gonna need some wet weather gear, courtesy of sh!t melbourne weather :grin:

    just wondering about peoples opinions on jackets atm, i was looking at the RJays Evo Jacket. just thought, why not siply buy a leather jacket with a removable liner, so i can use it in summer too, and buy a basic waterproof jacket/cover to slip over the top instead..? is this a decent idea or am i missing something at 2am? i figure i'll need to buy something for summer soon enough anyway...

    cheers for any thoughts or suggestions anyway, whatever they may be! :p :grin:

    Nibs :)
  2. That is what I do and it works a charm, I got a vented A* jacket and it is great up to 30degrees above that I am toast, but nothing will work that well in the real heat.
  3. I have an RJays textile jacket for wet weather, and A* leathers for the rest of the time.
    I also have waterproof overs for jacket and trousers when I get caught, ie sunny sky turns to crap.
    The Rjays jacket cost me $99 and is warm and dry. Is more convenient than two jackets!.
    A plastic (good one) over jacket will cost you about $50, pants the same.
    And they are not very durable!

    But the leather is warmer! but a Bugger to dry. Mine have stretch panels, which are delinitely not waterproof.
    Went for a 4 day ride in the rain in feb, with the RJays gear, and stayed warm and dry the whole time.
  4. lol im confused. so the RJays textile is "more convenient than 2 jackets", yet u also have a leather and an over-jacket. it keeps u warm n dry, but the "the leather is warmer!". add an overjacket to the leather, n that will keep you dry..? i cant quite tell which your suggesting or prefer, but it seems you have two options to cover the one situation :p

    anyone else done things differently or prefer one over the other?

    cheers for the info guys :grin: