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Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm. Icon Patrol

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Time to start thinking about a new winter jacket, with my 8+ yr old jacket finally due for replacement.

    Daily commute, needing a winter jacket to keep me both dry and warm. What's considered the best options these days? MotoDry, RJays, DriRider?
  2. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    i got a dririder, its good.
  3. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    I have a MotoDry something or other which is still doing its thing after 6 years, even in the pouring rain.......
  4. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    best option is a tiger angel element jacket. very expensive though
  5. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    He's right, dammit.
  6. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    i've got an rjays vortex or something like that, and it's excellent :)

    i am looking for a new jacket though, as i want something warmer that i don't have to wear a jumper and my winter clothes underneath, especially when it's raining...

    in fact... my second or third paycheck is going to get me a new jacket. thanks for reminding me :D

    i'm thinking of these two:

    i've had my jacket now for 5 years..... velcro is all shit and it's never been a decent fit, always massive etc.
  7. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    I have had a Dririder Summit Pro for the past 5 years and find it perfect for my daily commuteof 110km round trip to work. Nice and warm and plenty of pockets without letting the water in. Here is a link to the Dririder site however the summit pro is not on there so it may be discontinued.

  8. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    If you can get a Buse touring jacket, they are very good.. I ordered mine from a bike shop in Germany. By far the warmest jacket I've ever had.

    Currently I'm using a dririder defender jacket. It is very warm and so far it hasn't let any water in
  9. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    I bought the top of the line Dainese textile last year.
    I could probably swim in the Antarctic ocean and not get cold or wet in this thing.
    Highly reccommended.

    Removable liners, heaps of pockets and all that.
    ~$650 though
  10. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    I've got a Rjays LeMans jacket and I have found it awesome to date. Warm, waterproof, comfortable to wear and the best part is that I won it in a competition so it was free :)
  11. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    My wife got a BMW Santiago jacket last winter and she says it is the best warm jacket she had ever had, including snow gear
  12. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    have a look at the ixon range if you can find a stockist. you won't be dissapointed
    theres often older stock floating around local stores too at discounted prices, but they've always made quality, well thought out stuff
  13. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    Ive got a dri rider climate control pro, and dont rate it as a winter jacket - just not warm enough doing 100kph+ for a couple hrs a day at 5am. I have to wear a thermal, jumper and then the jacket if i want to be slightly warm...
    Posting mostly so i can keep an eye on the thread ;).
  14. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    there was a time when dri rider made reasonably ok stuff, used quality cordura etc, but that time is long past, now they just sell cheap rubbish.
  15. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    Don't laugh, but I've been really happy with the Aldi jacket I bought last August. I'm guessing they'll have the same sort of stuff about the same time this year, if you can wait. I can't imagine dririder would be any better for 3x the cost.
  16. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    Just dont crash

  17. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    This seems to be a nice one.
    Does it have any crash protection inside?
  18. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    yes. think its on the web site in the quality assurance bit
  19. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    I bought one last year from AMX in Keilor for $150 less than Peter Stevens had them. It's a bloody brilliant jacket! Took it for a slide last week and after about 8m on my bike the jacket is almost unscathed - it really is barely scuffed and the shoulder padding was truly tested. I can't recommend this enough.
  20. Re: Winter Jacket? Dry and Warm

    I don't agree with that at all; the dririder stuff I have far exceeds some fo teh other brands I have tried including RJays, etc