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Winter in TAs

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by smack, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Woke to a glorious day, veritable heatwave in Tas. Clear blue sky and no sign of the snow from 2 days ago. Bureau said a top of 16, so I says to myself, self, we’ll take that red bike today. Txt to a mate, wanna ride. Yes was the answer, was I hungry? A quick ride and a serving of bacon and egg on croit sont and I was ready. Mate went into bleh mode and decided a day of paper reading was more inviting. It’s a damn good thing that I love riding alone. Shit happening in my life recently meant I needed a bit of time alone, me and the new bike. I still hadn’t bonded well with it, a few things aren’t quite right with it yet.

    Left Hobart with a full tank and something just felt right. The tank fit better between my legs, the earplugs quietened down the noise to a subtle termignoni rumble, just right. The un-named bike wrapped itself around me. Decided a loop of the Derwent Valley might be nice. Headed out the brooker nice and easy. Some numpty P driver with his blonde life support system decided that wahhhhhh pffft from his Skyline would impress me as he passed me at the lights. Nah, I can wait, rounded him up at the showground roundabout. The Duc still hadn’t been woken, still stirring into life. Turned off at Bridgewater and followed the river on the south side. Caught the numpty and some old fella in a blue late model Falcon GT thingy. Around them I went at the first broken lines. Termi goodness.

    Got to the roadworks coming into New Norfolk and numpty was on my bum. He turned off as we left town. For those that know the road from NN to Westerway, you’ll know that the tourists usually hold you up on the good bits. Well, sun was shining, road was warm, rear tyre was maybe a few pounds down, so it felt nice and squiggly in the corners. Reminded me of my dirt bike days. Dialed in 140 as a good cruising speed and nailed all the corners to Westerway, tourists were only seen in the straight bits, with broken lines. Heaven.

    Turned left to Lake Pedder with all intentions of finding Greg’s mountain retreat. Greg is a workmate, about 55 years old, can do anything. Weld, wield a spanner, drive a bulldozer, fix a TV. You know the kind, does everything. He lives at Tyenna, just before Maydeena, and is building “THE SHED†It’s a 3 bay wide and tall enough for a tractor. Lined on all sides and will be the basis of his retirement. Fix anything in that damn shed. The shed warming in Nov will be good. 90 klm from Hobart on some very nice roads.

    Had a coffee, a walk around the property and saw his trout dam, his orchard of nut and fruit trees and where he sits when he culls the local wallaby population by projecting lead at high velocity. Reckons wallaby schnitzel is good.

    Time to ride back. Fired her up, and back on the twisties. This is where the bonding started, it was a good ride out but on the way back, the sun was setting, Tyenna had the states max of 17 degrees, roads were warm and dry and the tourists actually pulled over and let me pass. Recent rain has made the paddocks green, keeping the deceased wildlife to a minimum, I’d ridden the road earlier so knew of any hazards. The only copper out this way was in a Jackaroo, he nodded as I passed him a few k’s over the limit.

    There are some magic curves between Westerway and Bushy Park and I hit everyone of them at a very nice rate, not having to think about anyone ahead or behind. Didn’t catch tourists till New Norfolk then slotted in behind and stretched the tense bits. Stopped for a wee and headed into town. Had another coffee with JJ and Sass before the trip through town back to the shed. Chicken Kiev, beer and some internet pr0n and all is well with life.

    Love riding alone

    Love the bonding with the un-named bike

    It needs a name
  2. Nice write up shithead, makes me wish i rode alone with you as well.
    your bike is red has termis throbs and you bonded with it.
    How about Araldite? Bonds with anything
  3. Your schoolies on the last Tassie trip liked it when I visited. Tis LOUD
  4. Be there again in august
    Drop by and rev the tits off it.
  5. Theres something about the word 'Tyenna' that makes me wonder if someone from clarendon vale (clrnvle - said as one syllable) has named their child Tyenna.
    Was a good day for a ride, i was almost too warm! :eek: :LOL:
  6. Nice one Smack. Good weekend for it then. Sunny and bugger all traffic on Saturday as well.
  7. I've spent the last 2 weekends in tassie, bikeless, and I'm about to do it again from Thurs til Sunday in Hobart with the band. Even without proper wheels, one thing keeps on coming back to me:

    I. Love. Tasmania.

    I've made Cheng promise we'll live there someday. You're a lucky man Smack, the whole state is a stunning, stunning place and Dog's own motorcycling country.
  8. Where can we see the band?
  9. I heard they're playing in a small shack not too far away from the quaint brothel that specializes in two headed hermaphrodites.

  10. So not far from your place then? :roll:
  11. That is my place