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Winter in melbourne sucks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BikeSkate, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. admire those who still have enough blood in their fingers to hold the bars this time of year, ive got soft & prefer the warmer months with the occasional frozen blast here & there, thanks for the ad

  2. Heated grips for the win :)
    I also use Blizzard Barkbusters and occasionally, heated gloves.

    Welcome :)
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  3. I struggle with thick gloves , but like the idea of heated ones
  4. Leave Melbourne for the ultimate victory
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  5. Yes Melbourne in Winter is a bit dowdy, but then she teases you over winter with those cold but still sunny days where the air is clear and the mist lies gently on the the hills and she seduces you all over again.:)
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  6. I look at migratory birds and think to myself, who are the idiots?
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  7. G'day and welcome, BikeSkateBikeSkate. Melbourne Winters certainly do make everyone appreciate the warmer months for riding all the more. I suppose the choice of excellent riding roads you have there makes up for that a bit.
  8. Move. I did.
  9. ..and then you reach work! :)

    Nah..Melbourne is good. Just layer up.

    Welcome to NR!
  10. Welcome BikeSkateBikeSkate
    C'mon toughen up... ;) as I recently discovered you don't need all those fingertips really. :woot:
    I got heated gloves...love 'em... electric blankey for the digits!
    But even so there is still great fun to be had when it is chilly and remember you can always test out your skills for a bike scene for Disney on (black) Ice...
  11. I have your generic "winter gloves" , nothing heated. I ride to work everyday hail rain or shine (and on the odd occasion all 3 at once). The other morning the temperature was -0.6 degrees when i left for work.

    My gear kept me warm (I ride with a jacket and t shirt) however the tips of my fingers were frozen to the core by the time i got to work. They were quite painful however a nice dip in the sink with hot running water fixed that.

    I'm tempted to get some of those hot hands things BitSarBitSar mentioned but knowing Melbourne's weather the extreme cold wont last all that long (it never does) so i think i'll just grin n bare it.

    Note: weekend rides into the country side / black spur etc should be done with the correct gear as those areas are prone to being colder / foggier / wetter than your suburban streets.
  12. +1 for the Blizzards. Keeps rain off your fingers as well, although I will also invest in heated grips before next winter.

    Riding in the cold is awesome fun, as long as you can stay warm. Valleys shrouded in thick fog are some of my favourite sights on chilly winter mornings. I get a bit sad thinking of the riders who might be missing out.
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  13. Move to places like Wagga where the morning temp is often below zero and is lucky to get in to double figures during the day, then you know what cold is.

    Out of interest, how many Melbourne commuters get to work with a slight coating of ice on their gear and parts of the bike?
  14. Yes, I admit I'm a cold fish when it comes to riding. I simply cannot put enough layers on to get warm when it's cold, and it has to be a pretty warm day before the heated grips are off.

    I think I won the recent Icicle Ride suit up with 9 top layers and one in the top box just in case. My main contender thought he was going to win with 6...pfft, amateur!! Lol.
  15. 9 layers? WOW.

    The most I've used EVER was 5 on my top half (thermals, shirt, jumper, jacket, waterproof over jacket) and 4 on my lower half (Thermals, track pants, leathers, water proof over pants). - Hands 2 layers max - no heated grips or hand guard (although I really do want to get hand guards)
  16. I had a Rukka thermal, a skivvy, two merino thermals as jumpers, a heated vest (which I didn't need to turn on), a fleece jacket, a rain jacket, then my textile bike jacket. I've forgotten one bc that's only 8, but I know there was 9. Plus another rain jacket in the top box just in case. 4 layers on the bottom.
  17. Wow. I'd be sweating like a pig, and unable to move.
  18. This was at night, middle of winter. Expecting super cold/wet but it was actually quite mild.
    My main issue isn't overheating but claustrophobia
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  19. Totally agree with the cold weather. have to hang around till the frosts go and then you have to worry about the shaded areas (always on the bends!). I wear about 5 layers up top, two layers below, heated grips, bark busters, woollen thin gloves under my winter gloves and yet....still freeze. Thought I would be acclimatised by now....harrumph!
  20. Cold?
    What cold?
    I don't seem to feel it! ;)