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winter gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibast, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know if anyone makes gauntlet style all leather gloves anymore?

    I bought a set of gauntlet of combination construction last winter, then wrote of my bike and the gloves. I wasn't impressed by the way they stood up in the crash. The crash wasn't that big, but I managed to grind a portion out of my finger.

    So, all leather for me now.

  2. BMW still make 2 types of an all leather gauntlet style glove.
    The Pro Race glove, made completely of kangaroo leather &
    The Pro Sport glove, a mix of kangaroo & cowhide.

    Ive seen a few other misc ones quite cheap (like under $70) but the "leather" looks like flimsy plastic vinyl, so personally wouldnt recommend them to anyone unless they wanted to play fancy dress!

    You never mentioned which/what/brand combination glove you had prior, but these might be worth a look as they're mainly cowhide with what appears minimal cordura to the flex areas?

  3. Thanks for that. I can't remember the brand of my old gloves. It wasn't written on them. I tried to give some feedback to the company at the time.

    The gloves in the link may be Ok, but it's hard to tell. See the palms of the ones I had were leather, but you don't slide down the road with your palms trapped under the bike. It was the side of my finger that ground away.

    I will check out the BMW ones, but I'm guessing they won't be cheap.
  4. Not a problem :)

    When enlarging the pic from the link, you will notice that the palms are leather as is the whole hand area. Its only the gauntlet sleeve area that appears to cordura but with leather adjustments attached. Considering the type of business they're designed for, I figured they were worth a look.

    Oh and yep, for the beemers, get out your wallet, credit cards, asset statements :LOL: