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Winter gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VC, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Now that the nights are getting colder, can anyone recommend a good and affordable pair of winter gloves? Those Dririders look good... anyone have a pair that they can recommend?

  2. $200 gloves ain't affordable. I'm looking at some of the Dririder gloves too - opinions anyone?
  3. I've got the Alpinestar wr1 gortex and the dririder highlanders.

    Highlander are ok in pissing down rain ( eventually let water in) and have a handy wiper blade on the index finger and aren't overly thick.

    Alpinestars are fairly thick but i've never had them leak even on long trips when its bucketed all day

  4. Good point. Affordable for me is sub-$100... say, even ~$80!
  5. I hate using winter gloves because they are so thick that you cannot hit the controls such as blinkers etc.

    I still use my summer gloves, but the trick is to use the rubber sandwich glove under them.

    These rubber gloves keep you warm and sometimes too warm!!.

    Thats a cheapy way of beating the cold.
  6. Mmm - bit like my 'waterproof' Joe Rockets. They aren't.
  7. I have a pair of the Dririder Highlanders for cold wet days
    ( I keep them in the Gearsack with my wets)

    I have never had wet fingers or hands with them
    but then again, i have never ridden more than 3½hours in the rain
    with them on...
    I am happy with them
    (just make sure the sleeves of your wets go OVER the glove cuff :D )

    my 2c

  8. I agree the Alpinestars Gore-tex gloves are fantastic, never get wet or cold hands.

    They are a bit expensive, but they work, just remember the extra thickness takes a while to get use too.
  9. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7140

    I become accustomed to the gloves but there are still moments when a bit more feel would be good.

    They are definately warm but I'm yet to test the dririders in a serious downpour.

    I do have a complaint about them. the velcro strap can't be done up tight enought because there is too much fluffy velcro rather than the grippy velcro, a quick sewing session could probably fix this. Still I wonder if they would stay on my hands if I came off.
  10. I own a pair of DriRider Highlanders . Ok in light rain but no good in anything substantial . Also find the tips of my fingers going numb on really cold mornings

  11. I have Alpinestar ST1 road gloves.

    They are water proof but I have only tested that for 30 mins last thursday when it was raining in the morning.

    I only had water enter my left glove by trickling down the cuff of my jacket :(
    they were $89.

    As for warmth they are fine. It hasn't really been super cold yet though.

    And yes they are pretty bulky, but I've never had anything lighter.
  12. Best purchase I ever made was silk gloves , wear them with my faithfull ol mars leathers gloves hevent felt the cold yet, gloves do tend to get soaked but hands stay warm

    If anyone can find silk socks let me know
  13. Leather with a waterproof breathable membrane underneath is a waste of time in the end; the leather soaks in continuous rain and the pressure on the levers and grips drives the moisture in. Over time the membrane clogs up with sweat and dust anyway.

    .. speaking from experience of exxy Collins Aquas.

    Latex or silk undergloves sound like good creative solutions. Or try Draggin's kevlar gloves ($35) under or over something warm like polypropylene gloves from a bushwalking shop ($12) under long rubber gloves from the hardware (? $15). Might look daggy but I bet it will beat the high priced Alpine Stars stuff in the long run ;-}

    (Helina: I have read about silk socks in an English novel. Try Jermyn St. or Burlington Arcade in London).
  14. Henry Buck, gentleman's outfitters of Melbourne may stock silk socks. Almost as good as a trip to Jermyn St. :)