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Winter Gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fangsta, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Coldest day this year...brrr

    With thermal underwear, and neck warmer I was completely toasty and warm, except for my hands which may have frost bite after a 45min ride at 7pm.

    Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced winter glove?

    (I'm not keen for heated gloves/bars either)
  2. Yep, the Black Ices are excellent, although, in the Road Rider magazine test of winter gloves, they failed the waterproof test.

    I've ridden in the rain with mine several times and my hands have remained warm and dry, however.
  3. So what came out on top in the test,I am in the market.

  4. any of the goretex lined gloves passed the water test which involved dipping the gloves in a bucket of water for a length of time.
  5. Alpinestars WR-2 Goretex gloves. Living in Canberra it gets pretty cold and haven't had any problems with these, tried on a few pairs and these were by far the most comfy
  6. I have heard many good thing about the black ice.

    I use DriRider Nordic myself. Quite happy so far, but have not tested in the rain yet.
  7. Yep I have pair of Alpine stars with goretex and they survive a downpour with no issues at all.
    Now they are even better with heated grips
    Fantastic gloves and comfy.
  8. I just upgraded from DriRider Assen (summer leather glove RRP $50) to DriRider Storm (winter waterproof leather/textile glove RRP $100). The difference is simply amazing. I got the Storm gloves at PS Ringwood and bartered them down to $80. Very happy with the glove and price. :grin:

    Apparently AMX in Keilor are selling DriRider Highlander (winter waterproof touring glove RRP $100) for $70 (on sale).
  9. Another vote for the Motodry Black Ice - went for a ride yesterday, the rest of me was bloody cold in the wind (bloody non-lined leather jackets), but my hands were fine.
  10. I use Alpine Star SP3's and they are freaking cold (Summer glove)

    Just purchased a pair of RST Pro Series and they are fantastic. Kept me nice and warm on the way home. They have a thermal liner.
  11. It seems most gloves in the shop have Thinsulate and hipora, so I wonder if there can be a huge difference between them.

    I saw some Stagg gloves in 1 shop for $40, but haven't heard of this brand before, the tightarse in me made me look at them for about 10mins.

    Motodry Black Ice sounds the goods, but I came across another forum topic saying they aren't very waterproof (don't plan on swimming with them), and a few people say the same about various dririder gloves.

    Ohh well...still hunting
  12. Look for goretex lined gloves
    bit more exxy but waterproof
  13. I have the same gloves and yesterday after my -5 ride to work my fingertips were very frozen (rest of hand ok), and have now ordered heated grips.
  14. Damn, I'm in Syd, so I don't really experience the extra -5 degrees!!!
  15. I also have these gloves and have never had cold hands while riding, except for the time they got drenched and I got hypothermia and passed out. Apart from that they're nice and warm.
  16. Have just gotten a pair of Dririder Highlanders. First impression is that they are THICK, and stiff. Very warm though. Love the little screen wiper it has on the finger. More comments to come later when Ive done some night riding.
  17. Tried my C&R gloves this morning, 5 degrees hands are still cold, then again in the arvo at 13 Degrees, hand nice and warm.

    Maybe I will get inserts for the 5 degree mornings (or take the car).
  18. Thinking to buy good waterproof gloves for raining winter riding. Any suggestion please?

    been searching for a while but could not get an idea whats good whats not.