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Winter gloves which ones?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by matti-san, May 10, 2006.

  1. Before anyone says use the search key I am after recent experiences with winter gloves. Given the amount of serious rain in Melbourne lately we should be able to come up with some real life examples.

    I curently wear A* SP2 sport gloves and these are great in normal weather but soak up rain like a sponge. I have taken to wearing surgi gloves underneath but they still get pretty cold. When wet they also bleed ink all over my hands.

    So given I commute everyday what would be the best winter/waterproof gloves to buy? :?
  2. i use gloves that keep my hands warm ant dry.
  3. Ive just purchased a pair of Collins waterproof winter gloves.......
    wore them on the gippy ride last weekend when it poured rain for the better half of Sunday and my hands stayed nice and warm and dry :)
  4. My Spidi gloves don't tend to be bleed.
    If you commute and can handle the look, Crumpler hand protectors also keep your hands dry. You may see the couriers use them. (I've also used KTM barkbusters in the past. Atm I'm using heated hand grips).
  5. I got cheap arse pair of RST gloves with all that thinsulate gortex etc.

    Cost $80 road through the rain in Canberra in the rain, not a drop on my hands and kept em warm to!
  6. Just bought a pair of ladies Joe Rocket waterproofs - haven't had a chance to test them yet - will let you know ........ :)
  7. I wear Rjays Tempest Gloves...If you read any of my last posts I have put them to the weather test. This morning was 5.5 degress when I set off from my hour ride to work. Although I will say that I don't normally suffer from cold hands. As an example after riding home from work today my wifes hands were colder to touch than mine !!! go figure.
  8. I bought a pair of Alpinestars Jet Road gloves. Very warm, haven't noticed any probs in the coldest of mornings as yet. Very thick though, might have to just wear them in a bit and get used to them. Also used them in the rain on my commute and hands remain nice and dry.
  9. Hopefully you have better luck than I with Joe Rocket's idea of 'waterproof'. Mine most certainly were not.

    I'll keep an eye on this one, as I need some winter gloves too... that are actually waterproof. :p
  10. BMW gortex gloves :idea:
    They haven’t leaked so far

    So good that the better half kept pinching them even though she rides a Triumph. So I had to buy her a pair.

    Now she wants some without the BMW logo :?: ](*,)
  11. Alpinestar Drystar ST1 gloves are the ducks nuts. The out side may get wet, but your hands stay dry and warm. Around $70-80, and come in black or red.
  12. I have a set of Dainese Gortex gloves with Primaloft lining, warm as toast and keep the hands dry as well including the downpour we had last friday on the way into coffee.
    I love mine.
    Not cheap rrp of 200
  13. I hope you paid "full retail $ " like the rest of us shmucks !
    Yeah right !!!!!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. just a thought...
    why dont u wear a glove liner underneath ur summer gloves? that makes me warm~ :)
  15. But not waterproof! - my summer gloves have these tiny wee textile holes in them :p
  16. My pair of A* Jet Road took a week to break in. Fairly thick...it took a while to get used to throttle control. It's warm and has good waterproof materials and molded carbon knuckle protection. When I fell off my bike with these on at at least 55 clicks/hr, some stitches got torn and got a 2cm hole in the leather palm. :shock: Leather bits took abrasion well and inner protective layers were intact. So, there was no hand injury or even a scratch (just cracked my wrist :( ) .

    My replacement waterproof gloves are $20 cheaper Axo Travel King HT. Has molded carbon knuckle protection as well...better feel of throttle...leather bits outside gets soaked in heavy rain but hand stays warm and dry. Except for unnecessarily long wrist straps, no complaint as yet.
  17. Unfortunately I did :( :( I bought them before I worked here)
    Saying that the BMW Gortex ones look pretty good we have here for sale. Some of the other staff have got them.
  18. im using the Alpine ones. Not sure of the model but it was $100. Its waterproof and a warm liner in it. The thing that makes it good is its thin as well and gives you alot more feel.
  19. I've been using some Axo Travel Kings for a couple of weeks now. Cost me about $90, fit well and keep me warm. I wasn't a big fan of how they felt on the bike at first (not enough feel), but they seem to have worn in OK and I've got no problems with them now. I haven't been through any really heavy rain with them yet. Went through a shower last weekend though, jeans got soaked but hands were dry and warm. :)