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Winter Gloves - Sydney

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by grantmb77, May 19, 2014.

  1. I am looking at getting some winter gloves for use in Sydney. I commute to work a few days a week along with some early morning rides on weekends.

    At this stage I am looking at Alpinestars Apex Drystar gloves. Can any comment on these gloves for winter use?

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Do you need to keep warm or dry or both?
  3. I've just bought Dianese Scout Evo GTX and very happy with them. Warm and with a Gortex liner so they should be try too.
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  4. I can't comment on the A* gloves you're looking at, but I can confuse the issue by throwing another possibility into contention... ;)

    I have a set of Teknic Lightning waterproof gloves for winter. They're warmer than my summer racing spec gloves, but when it's freezing cold, I still use my heated grips. I would imagine that full winter gloves would be warmer, but maybe not. I've mainly used summer gloves with heated grips, so I don't really know what full winter gloves are like.

    If you wear a large in most brands, you'll be in a medium for Teknic gloves.

    These gloves have Knox scaphoid protectors (now, I would have to be desparate to bother wearing a glove without this - it has saved my wrists twice, and I wouldn't have a glove without it if I can help it). It only has 40% leather outer (ie: where it's absolutely needed), so they're not suitable for the track. However, they do have quite a bit of kevlar under the waterproof vinyl/textile, so I have no worries about trusting them on the road.

    I got mine from an ebay seller in the USA. I think they were about AU$90 delivered, so brilliant value for money! For me, the two usability downsides are:
    Thumb is longer than my thumb, leading to accidental horn beeps (I have broad hands with stocky/short fingers, so most new gloves pose this problem for me).
    Soft lining tends to stay with hand when pulling gloves off, making them difficult to get back on (I intend to put a few stitches in the ends of the fingers to stop this - a little water leakage will be expected once I do this). Pinching the end of each finger to remove the glove minimises the problem, but I simply want to be lazy, and grab a couple of fingers and pull the glove off.


    Model on tag:

    Care instructions/materials:

    I hope that this helps.
  5. The first warning says "Do Not Wash" further down says "Drip Try on Clothes hanger" Huh?

    Also Danny your description of your hands is very similar to mine. If you want warm gloves for riding, check out the Dianese Scout Evo GTX, The fit fairly well for me.
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  6. Thanks for the responses.

    twistngo - I will be using them more for warmth. I don't usually ride in the rain unless I get caught.

    danny_tb - thanks I will check out the Teknic gloves.
  7. I think they mean if they get wet through riding in the rain etc. to drip dry and not put them in the dryer.

    normally you would leave leather to dry naturally in a well ventilated place out of direct sunlight
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  8. If you are wanting warmth don't bother. Either get some snowboarding gloves or heated grips. Or both. Nothing else works - and I'm still a bit sus on snowboarding gloves.
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  9. I never got around to buying a pair of wet weather gloves since I started riding back somewhere in the early part of 2012.
    Originally I wasn’t going to be crazy enough to ride in the rain.
    Then as I got used to the whole road riding experience, I started to check the B.O.M every morning & if it was under 20% chance of rain I ride to work & if it rains there or home Id just throw my gloves in front of a heater to dry no problems.
    But a funny thing happened I found myself starting to ride without checking the weather forecast but after the recent downpours decided I needed some proper wet weather gloves. So being a tight arse I thought I’d get on to Ebay & see what I could get & after a few weeks of jumping on & not seeing much I found these two weeks ago

    Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 Waterproof Black Mens Road Motorcycle Gloves // RRP $69 our price $29:95
    • Rock Tex® 330 outer shell
    • Waterproof Dry Tech® mid-liner
    • Drum dyed leather knuckle
    • Shield wiper on thumb
    • Double leather wrap around palm
    • Reflective stripe
    So after purchasing the gloves they arrived 5 days later, pics on the site matched exactly what I got & after using the hand measure guide on site they fitted really well.
    Have been using them on my colder 6am morning rides in and they are great, keep the cold out much better than my leather ones, now just got to see if they perform in the wet.




    sorry for the slight thread hijack
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  10. I have Dririder Storm Gloves. Kept my hands warm and comfortable in about 3c. And hands stay dry in the wet. They are thick but still easy to use, have a visor wipe and plenty of protection. Cost me about $80 at PS.
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  11. +1 for the heated grips. I still find my wet weather golves to be a bit cold in single-digit temperatures, but when I put on the heaters, I get nice warm hands, and none of the really weird sensation of baking palms and frozen backs of hands, as I get when I use the heaters with my summer gloves.
  12. I have them. I bought some when I rod my bike from QLD > NSW via New England. Didn't like them to be honest. <60km/h they were ok, but on the highways, could feel the cold get in. Not sure how long it was (maybe < hour), my fingers were cold, almost numb. I think the temps were maybe around 10-15c on the outside (less with windchill)

    If you're commuting < 1hr, they might be ok. If longer or going on adventures in the cold (temperatures <15), maybe look at a step up.

    If I had to buy again, I'd certainly spend a little more. Having cold numb hands.. not a very good feeling.
  13. I agree that snow board/ski gloves will be warmer than any bike gloves I've found so far, however I don't think they provide the same protection if you fall. The Dianese I recently bought aren't too warm, bit with a 1 hour commute at 80+ KPH and around 7c, they are good enough for my hands to be cool but not cold. I don't think they will be much worse on cooler mornings. The most important thing is that my hands and fingers are not freezing or going numb.
  14. Down here in Melbourne, heated hand grips are the go and they are not a lot more expensive than good gloves. I have them and glove liners. I can still get cold hands when it's zero ish degrees and I'm going quick and there's wind chill, but I hate thick winter golves so I live with it.
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  15. I got a pair of $20 ebay gauntlets to stick my mits in. Basically big things that go over everything and you stick your gloved hands inside. Haven't used them yet to comment about them but it's another possibility.
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    I wish my normal gloves were cheaper than heated grips... At around $220 for the summer racing gloves, and $130 for the heated grips, the grips are quite a bit cheaper.

    I think @madmaxoz@madmaxoz has something similar, but they're attached to the bike. IIRC, he swears by what he has, combined with heated grips.
  17. About three weeks ago I got some Alpinestars WR-3 Gore-Tex Gloves, as it was really starting to get real cold here, have been great so far, very warm and no problem in pelting rain, stay dry inside with a leather outer liner.
    I have heated grips also, but find I am not using them as much with these gloves on as they are pretty warm.
    Took a while to get use to as it felt like a pair of oven mits at first, but got use to this after about 3 or 4 days, have the visor wipe which is a great idea.
    Bit more expensive at around $150 mark for PS in the city.
  18. Thanks for all the advice/suggestions. I did purchase the Alpinestars Apex Drystar gloves (from BikeBiz Parramatta). The price was good and this stage they are working well at sub 10 degree temps. The fit and the quality appears to be good also. I have been using Alpinestars SP8's till now.
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  19. Black Ice
    don't know who makes'em, I just don't leave home in winter without'em
  20. I tried them. My hands were completely - I mean completely - numb before I reached Lithgow.