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Winter gloves or thermal inners?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jenjams, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. I ride my bike ever day to commute to and from work. Already I am finding my fingers near freezing point and my toes about to drop off.
    I only have summer gloves. I am looking at the bikebiz website and are confused now...

    Do I buy winter gloves or do I get the Dririder thermal gloves, socks, vest, neckwarmer etc?
    I will be getting some sort of neckwarmer anyway but what else should I get? Will be needing some waterproof pants too but that will be another question down the track.

  2. I would suggest getting proper winter weight gloves that are most definately water proof.

    I got stuck in torrential rain wearing only my summer gloves, besides ringing wet hands, they were black for 2 days, then a shade of purple for a while.

    Or you could always use the highly recommended search function for an answer to your query.
  3. Get the winter gloves, the ones that claim to be waterproof. In fact, they probaby won't be completely waterproof, it seems making a truly waterproof riding glove is beyond our technology now and in a foreseable future... So go to the supremarket and get a pair of large garden gloves; you can put them over your winter gloves when it gets wet. I found a pair of black garden gloves that don't stand out too much.... Also, it is a good idea to wear a pair of thin gloves underneath, either termals of just a pair of cotton gloves. Generally the key to staying warm is using as many layers as possible!

    Waterproof pants are a good investment at any time, but especially when it gets cold. They turn out to be a great help in keeping your legs warm, because they cut down the wind-chill factor considerably.
  4. Gloves, Dianese make an excellent winter glove. I did the icicle ride in them and my hands were toasty warm. I didn't need those gay heated grips that some poeple have :p

    Socks, yeah, explorer socks and good boots are the way to go.
    Vest, yes, you can go down that path or invest in some thermal wear. Neckwarmer, well, this page has a nice looking neckwarmer :grin:

    Pants, get some rivet overpants. At around $80 they allow you to wear your normal gear and then these over the top. Get to where you are going and you only need to take off the overpants. Or, everything depending on the purpose of your journey :)