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Winter Gloves decisions?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nightgash, May 23, 2007.

  1. I was very interested to buy the new Dririder Storm winter sports gloves. These are a new release from dririder and I think they seem pretty good for $99. However when I rang up the shop I regularly visit the salesman told me not to bother with them and didn't rate them highly at all.

    He recommended me to get the Alpinestar Jet Road gloves that are $39 more expensive.

    Are dririder gloves really that bad? Would the Alpinestar Jet Road gloves be worth spending the extra $39 to get? There is also the Alpinestar Tech Road gloves which is their best winter glove for $169, would this be worth buying over the Jet Road?


  2. for the price of those winter gloves I think I'll get the heated grips better.

  3. But will heated grips keep your hands dry?

    Dry AND warm hands, to me, is better to wet, but warmish hands, particularly the finger tips which can't benefit from the heated grips as much as the rest of the fingers or thumbs.
  4. i just got a pair of alpinestar tech road gore tex today... will advise as to how good they are compared to the alpinestar gp plus' i have... its bloody cold down here in melbourne i tell you.
  5. I just bought a pair of DriRider Adventure winter gloves for $99. They're doing the job so far protecting the hands from rain and wind.

    Fingers still feel chilly at the end of a ride (doesn't effect the riding though), but you can only put so much warm liner in the tips of the fingers to separate them from the cold outside lining of the glove.
  6. Got myself some Dririder Adventure, I think they are, last year. Crap,and double crap! First outing soaking wet! True it was torrential, but 20-30 seconds before they started to leak is a bit much!. Also, the carbon fibre nuckle protection is totally flimsy. Bend them a little and they're cracked and broken. :mad:
    Spoke to someone in a shop about the Dririders and they said that they are ALL like that!
    Dririder is out for me!!! :(

  7. Grumpy pooh! Yeah I had A* for a year loved them but they wore out. Didn't have the readies for another set so got some race Tek with snow board poly prop liners. mmm warm and dry!

    Tip for really wet days keep some latex gloves under your seat, pop them on and Robert's your mum's brother! This is a serious tip, if combined with warmers bloody ace.
  8. Great idea, bought a rain suit now and it has outer gloves in pockets on the sleeves. They also do the trick, but I do like your idea!
  9. Interest to know how this goes. The Jet road is the lower model but am also looking at the tech road if they are really worth it.
  10. I figure get the best winter gloves you can buy!

    With light gloves, the comfort level may be low, but generally still acceptable. If the winter gloves are not up to scratch, they can be very uncomfortable and totally destroy a nice ride. Let alone stop you from feeling your fingers and make riding a bike very unsafe, due to the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing with the accelerator, as you can’t feel your fingers.
  11. Noodie Pooh you have put me off the Dririder. The Adventure gloves look like they are up to the task but obviously they are not. The salesmen said the Alpinestar winter gloves are not as bulky as the Dririders and keep your hand dry and warm.

    Here are the Tech Road gloves

  12. Hey Nightgash, they look the business. Wish I had bought those, but then the weren't around I suppose.
    I also like the nuckle protection. Does look a little racey, but after seeing a friends glove, after comming off in a race, even he agreed that nuckle protection is important. His gloves carbon nuckle protection was half ground off and saved his hand!

    As for the fact that they are thinner, that is a good thing! The insulation between the fingers needs to be thin, in order to be comfy. If there is too much, your finger have to spread and curved around the grips, will chave and restrict bloodflow. And bloodflow is very important for warm fingers. If no new/warm blood goes into your hands, you end up with blue and cold ones. I reckon the thinner Alpine ones will be just as warm, if not more so.

    Lastly, don't go past heated grips, if you're doing many k's. They will actually heat your whole body as well. At least this is how it feels with me.

    Let us all know what you decide, and how well they work. Might have to get a pair and send the Dririders to the god that lives at the local tip! :grin:
  13. I already have a pair of waterproofed gloves. They are great to keep the hands dry but hopeless to keep them warm.

  14. Dri-Rider summit 2 gloves didn't keep rain out for long when new, and haven't improved with age--and when you take them off, they peel inside out--then try to get them back on. PITA. Might look at those road techs myself.
  15. I've been looking around at heaps of winter gloves for weeks now.
    Finally decided on the Alpinstars Tech Road gloves.
    They do cost alot i suppose, but i like my hands as they are.
    Uses gortex liner for waterproofing, so that keeps them thin and gives good finger feeling. Very happy with the fit.
    Have'nt had a chance to try them in the wet yet, but i'll let you know how they go.
  16. no matter what gloves I use I found they keep a lot dryer if I treat them with Dubin or else a snow sealer, this is bext done by warming the gloves first in front of the heater but try not to get to much on the palms of the gloves as this can make them a little slippery
  17. Alpinestars Tech Road GoreTex

    Went for a 2 hour ride tonight from clayton down monash freeway to hastings and back... (gets cold out towards tooradin)... eventually you can feel the cold just a little, but nothing compared to normal summer road/race gloves i.e. my a* gp plus'... they are less bulky then the Rjays i tried on (which was the orginal plan), you tend to lose a bit of feel because of all the insulation, but sort of get use to it. I think the gloves are great, price is a little on the north side, although they are mostly leather in comparsion to other brands. anyway thats my thoughts on the gloves

    Also worth an investment is a Rjays Neck-a-clava (or something similar), cuts out the chill you get on your neck and into the helmet.
  18. Don't get a neck warmer from Rjays, get one from Netrider!!!

    Go on, fly your true colours!!! :grin:
  19. I have a pair of Dri rider Adventure, had them for 18 months they've never leaked and they keep my hands warm. I ride everyday.
  20. I got my neck warmer from Kathmandu for about $10 on sale and its made riding in the cold and wet so much more bearable. Just need some winter gloves myself now. So far my two options are RJays Hurricane ($80) and a some gloves called Fieldsheer Phoenix ($70) but yet to make a decision.