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Winter gloves - BMW ProWinter / Atlantis

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by El Damo, May 13, 2008.

  1. I don't know how long it has been since my last post, but I think the break has been long enough.

    I've decided to finally get a pair of winter gloves. Standard requirements apply, i.e., protection, dryness, and warmth.

    I've tried on several waterproof gloves but can't find anything that fits properly so far.

    After a fair bit of searching here and on Google, I'm thinking that the BMW Prowinter or Atlantis gloves sound pretty good.

    OK, so who here has any experience with either of these gloves?
    How would you rate them in terms of durability, warmth, dryness and crashworthiness?

    I am, of course, open to other suggestions. Even if I wasn't I'm I'd get them anyway.


    Edit: Oh, yeh - and where can I buy them around Melboune? I think BMW Southbank and Moto One stock them, but if you know of another place (preferably one with a good range of other gloves in case those don't fit) let me know.
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  3. If either of you get a pair, I would be very interested to hear your review of them, and others that you considered.

    I'm looking for a new pair myself and have been doing some investigation/reading. Looking to Europe, where I believe they have teh market size and experience in cold/wet weather motorcycle stuff, 'Held' is the brand name that is considered the best, in gloves at least.

    http://www.newenough.com/gloves/insulated_and_or_waterproof/held/ice_breaker_motorcycle_gloves.html is what I would like to get, and is at the top of my selection list. The above URL ship here for $15 US too, so they come in cheaper than the BMW gloves too.
  4. The Atlantis gloves aren't available in Australia.

    I checked out the ProWinter gloves a few weeks ago - they're very thick, so I wasn't really a fan but I can see where they'd be handy in really cold conditions.

    I ended up going with the BMW ProSummer gloves based on the following:
    - they fit
    - they're waterproof (see comments below)
    - they're not too thick
    - if my hands get cold I can wear silk liner gloves underneath (which I do)

    Unfortunately, their claims of waterproofness failed when tested with actual water. They soaked right through to my fingers. The only good thing about them was that because the (non)waterproof liner is bonded to the glove, they're easy to get on and off while wet.

    I'm in two minds about whether to take them back, or just keep them as a dry-weather glove (for which they do quite well).

    Based on what I've seen here, I'd happily pay for Dainese Jericho, but unfortunately those don't fit my hands.

    If anyone knows of anything else waterproof and not too thick I'm open to suggestions. Warm is good too, but not absolutely vital.
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