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Winter gears?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bulby, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. With the summer officially over, the mornings are getting colder and I'm starting to discover that vented leathers are no good at vending off the wind chill even with the windproof liner on.
    I have a set of DriRider thermal base layers. They're warm for now, but it will get really cold when the temperature dips below the low teens.

    So, first question. Apart from or on top of jocks, thermal base layers and plain-old casual long-sleeves, what else can/should I wear under my leathers to keep the warmth in and the wind out? They fit a bit snug, so there's not much room left. To give you an idea, I can't fit a hoodie under the jacket, or a pair of jeans under the pants.

    Second question. Can you guys recommend me a winter textile jacket and pants on the cheap? I'm trying to keep the budget under $500. I can probably stretch it a bit, but not by much.

    Here's the catch. I'm 5'6" short and weighs eff all (i.e. 58kg. Trust me, I've tried everything but I just can't seem to put on those kg's). As you can probably imagine, finding riding gears with the right size can be a nightmare for me. Most if not all of the well known brands are still too big for me even in their S sizes. And a lot of them don't make XS for their textile ranges. I've had a set of Rev'It! Sand set (S size) previously. They might have been a bit too big for me - Elbow and knee pads moved around a bit too much.

    p.s. I have a set of RJays rain suit, so waterproofing is not a concern for now.
  2. Rather than looking for something to wear under your leathers, I think you need to wear something windproof (and waterproof) over your leathers, especially if they're vented.
    Even an inexpensive rain suit will make a big difference to heat retention when you add it to your regular gear.
  3. I have a really old dririder jacket that is awesome in the winter. Its big enough to wear a big wooly jumper under (I've even worn it over my race suit jacket on cold rainy ride days!) It gont look the prettiest but its got a grouse liner and is super dooper warm and snug to ride in the shitty weather in.
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  4. bulby, I bought myself one of these from MRG. http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/RS-Taichi-DryMaster-Motorcycle-Rain-Suit-RSR030.html

    I have only ridden with them on once because it hasn't rained in recent times (only had it for a week or so). It was on the way home from work after the purchase. Temp was about 12 degrees and the wind didn't penetrate much at all. I was quite surprised. Improvements were more noticeable on the pants since I only wear the MotoLegion jeans which is where I get most of my chill factor from.

    I bought one size larger than my normal clothes (L instead of M) so that it can go over my leather summer jacket, but not too big so I can wear it for other purposes (such as fishing!). Only downside to the jacket is that it was tight around the neck when I had the neck warmer tucked into the leathers, but I'm sure I can move the neck warmer up a little so it sits inside the jacket rather than leathers.

    I have found putting more clothes under my leathers didn't help much to keep me warm when moving. Anything to stop wind penetration will do a much better job in keeping you warm as titus said.

    I will ride with the jacket on tomorrow without my usual hoodie jacket underneath and see if there is a big difference and since there is a forecast of possible showers at the end of the week, I might be able to test the waterproofing of the gear and do a review on them :).
  5. Ah, forgot to mention I can't wear any of my casual jumpers / hoodies over the jacket thanks to mini race hump. Didn't realise the jacket had one until I've actually got the jacket home. (Don't ask. Am really not sure how I missed it...)

    In case anyone's wondering, the jacket's the RS-Taichi RSJ826.

    Edit: Technically, I can. But I'll look like the michelin man. And all my hoodies that can actually fit over the leathers has got big fluro logos I'd rather not flash around anymore. Especially since they seem to attract unwanted attention from the popo :LOL:
  6. Bear in mind that the northern hemisphere is coming into spring, so there is the potential for bargains from, particularly, North American retailers. I just scored myself what promises to be a spiffing (WA) winter jacket for $200 from Riders Discount, along with some ostensibly waterproof gloves and boots which made up the order to a bit over $500.

    I'll write more when the gear arrives and I find out whether it's actually any good :D.
  7. For undergarments, the Knox Coldkiller range is great. I have the Windbuddy Jacket in a smaller size than usual (medium, and I wear a Large) to have it a s snug as possible underneath the leather jacket, and the underpants fit fine under a pair of jeans. Windproof and very warm being fleece-lined.

    Another option is the Oxford Chillout range (http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Oxford-Chill%2dOut-Pants.html) Don't have the shirt, but the underpants are really good and comfortable. Not as warm as the Knox (only fleece-lined at the front, lycra in the back) but honestly great gear.

    I even tried the Rev'it Range (Upsilon jacket, Gamma pants) and would consider Knox to be superior in every way.
  8. +1 to Oxford chillout. I have the shirt and it works. It has a windproof front so it works under perforated leathers. (which is why I got it)
  9. Ordered Oxford Chill-Out shirt & pants. Found a good deal (I think) on this pushbike shop :D
    Thanks, guys.

    Hopefully they'd enable me to use my current gears all year round.
  10. For seriously warm jeans try Thomas Cook waterproof jeans. Not with C.E. protection but are surprisingly water resistant and will keep up dry in showers without needing wet weather gear. These jeans are too hot to wear outside winter time. The best and I've tried plenty. Usually can buy them at workgear shops.
    Oh, when buying boots, tight boots are cold to wear cos they slow blood supply to extremities, so up a size and get them perfect by adding thicker sox or innersoles. Tight gloves are cold too.
  11. Got boots and gloves covered =]
    My feet never felt cold anyway, so I've been using the same pair of boots since I started riding last year. TCX X-Five, I think it was called. Very happy with my boots. 2 stacks and still going strong - and that's including one that wrote off my GS500F.
  12. One of the guys I ride with has an electric vest that he plugs in to an accesories socket. He loves it, but he really feels the cold.

    For me a set of thermals under my leathers/textile jacket, light(ish) jumper, thin thermal glove inserts and maybe a neck sock is usually enough. When it's really cold, under 5, I might wear a pair of track pants under my leathers and a thicker jumper.

    The problem I have though is my feet get cold - I might have to invest in some electric socks lol.
  13. It's astonishing how much heated grips help. If your fingers are warm, the rest is much more bearable.
  14. I'm not normal, I'm sure that's not news to you, but I've ridden bikes with heated grips and the most comfortable setting I've found is OFF. My hands sweat too much.
  15. For me - Full winter gear is as follows -

    Top: Inner thermals, micro-fleece jumper and then my jacket (with a removable liner).

    Bottom: Inner thermals, Draggin Jeans (or leathers for weekend rides). Thick socks.

    Hands: Inner Merino wool gloves, standard winter gloves.

    Helmet: Merino wool balaclava (nothing else is needed) and a neck warmer (planning to invest in a merino wool one before full winter sets in but the balaclava also acts like a neck warmer for those semi-cold times).

    And carry rain pants if the weather forecast is like that. :)
  16. Bulby, i'm 5'8 and 75kgs, most of my sizes are the medium range. You must be hella skinny, or i've overindulged this past christmas.

    Anyways, thermals, thermals, thermals. I commute daily on a naked bike with no windscreen, with freeway runs speeds of 120k's. I lasted through last winter with Kathmandu under thermals under my regular Leather Jacket and kevlar jeans.

    To be honest, the warmest i ever was in my cheap(ish) Dri Rider jacket that came with my bike - it's internal thermal liner is a replica of a heat pad, especially combined with the under-thermals. My hands were the worst part.

    I recently invested in an A* Verona City collection jacket, for the sole purpose of a removable inner thermal lining. It does wonders, especially if you seal off the neck area (scarf, but a thermal balaclava is more ideal.)
  17. Hey PatB, how did you go about ensuring you got the right sizes when buying off the net from overseas?
  18. I live in qld. Winter riding = no thongs, must put boots on....:)
    Aldi has specials just before winter on ski thermals. Not too bad for the price.