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Winter Gear (Melb) - Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fmu, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. On those cold winter days up ahead (can't wait) what do you think about leather jackets? Are there any that are/aren't adequate protection from cold (I'm assuming that the wind is not a factor with leather :wink: )? Or do you find that you have to wear more layers underneath to feel OK?

    I have just got my Ps so I missed all the cold weather riding and I have no idea what to get for winter so I am starting to look around. I use my bike (don't have a car) to go to work and everywhere else. Ride to work is about 20 minutes and I take the occasional longer trip; Dandenongs, south along the bay etc.

    I turn this over to the collective wisdom: What have you found to be good winter gear with Melbourne's stable weather in mind?

  2. Leather wont keep you warm in winter. You need to layer up underneath. I've worn my leather jacket with a business shirt and merino wool thermal undershirt (over the top of my business shirt) and this seemed OK. Still cool on the colder days. Any exposed skin will get real cold (wear a neck sock) and warm gloves. I'll be looking at a wearing a plastic rain jacket this year for a bit more wind and light rain protection. Some of the synthetic jackets will keep you much warmer than leather.
  3. In the depths of Melbournes winter, Leathers alone won't keep you warm. Thermal undies are your friend.
  4. leather is crap for extreme weather. its warmer than cordura in summer and cooler than cordura in winter, plus its not waterproof and is difficult to get waterproof and doesn't like water or waterproofing :LOL: leather protects you from the road....

    go buy a nice long dririder style jacket (doesn't have to be a dririder). a nice long jacket with a thermal liner is what you want, keeps you warm and dry in winter. also grab a pair of winter gloves, fingers dont work so well when cold and wet. you might be able to get away with just a pair of waterproof daks if your faring is good, but better off with a proper pair of corduara daks.

    they're not the only place around, but try www.rmgear.com.au i know the winter stock is minimal there at the moment, but it will be replenished before winter hits us....
  5. I still go with the draggins and dririder with the winter liner in it. If it gets too cold, pair of wet weather trousers over the draggins, cuts most of the wind chill factor.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Good to hear first hand reports so I don't have to find out the hard way. I've got a feeling I will still get a leather jacket but wear some nice woollen jumpers or whatnot underneath. I like the idea about the thermal undies OutbreakMonkey :) And I do agree with you nodz re the wet weather trousers. I tested that out in Tassie two weeks ago. Me and my mate were headed to Cradle Mountain and it was a coolish day. Just chucked on my rain trousers and bingo! No, wind chill.