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Winter Blood Challenge

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    Just an update on the current scores for the winter blood challenge.

    1. Netrider (VIC)
    2. Traralgon Football Club (VIC)
    3. Brighton City Council (TAS) ; CFA (VIC) ; Pitt & Sherry (TAS) ;
    Youth Justice Services (TAS)

    Those of you that can donate blood and have not done so this winter, please nominate Netrider as the group that you belong to when donating.

  2. Thanx for the heads up.
  3. I'll be there 1st july :)
  4. I just had a call from the blood bank congratulating us for being in the lead for this years challenge.

    I think we are eligible to donate again on the 1'st of September. It's a Monday.

    I will try and get the Blood bank to agree for a revisit on the 31st of August for another group bleed.

    The blood bank would like to do a story on our little group donate so let give them something that is newsworthy?

    I'll even put on a BBQ for those that turn up and donate.
    See told ya I'm a nice guy :p :rofl:

    Ok, maybe not but at least you get a free snag ;)
  5. ... u doing the lollipops too vic?

    >>> EDIT: just read this and knowing vic - i'm gonna get an obvious response .. :p
  6. Sure, I'd buy you a lollipop just so I can watch you devour it :cool:
  7. well - thats cleaner than i thought it was gonna be

    Ola kala.
  8. If you're doing it on the 31st of August, I'll come and donate some of whatever the ex-wife left me with :LOL:
  9. I'll pass on the lollypops but I'll come and give blood again.

    I thought it was min 12 weeks between donations (this is what it states on their website). If it's 12 weeks we should all be able to donate again from the 24th August.

    Tip: Please don't sign me up for some 9.30am timeslot - I'm required to be warm and in my bed that early on a Sunday.
  10. 12 weeks, 3 months, same!!!

    I just went 1 June + 3 months = 1 Sept *shrug*

    I was never good at maths ;)
  11. I'd be happy to donate - i'll sign myself up and put netrider down :)
  12. Hi Vic,

    I guess I should be apart of this again before i get the tattoo -
    i got my card and info pack in the mail so they will be hounding me for my A- quality blood ... always an under achiever.

    See u there?

  13. I'm a boring 'ol O+

    I'll be there as soon as I can.

    I'll cook the BBQ this time, don't want sausages tainted with blood ;)
  14. POO!!!!!!!!!!

    We've dropped to 5th :(

    1. CFA (VIC)
    2. ATO (TAS)
    3. Field & Game Australia (VIC)
    4. CSIRO (ICT Centre) Hobart (TAS)
    5. Netrider (VIC)
  15. Almost time for me to donate again. Just say Netrider when I am donating?
  16. I will donate again just to see that martian head new avatar :rofl: Thats a cack Vic, very you look. :LOL:
  17. Yeah tell them you are donating for the winter blood challenge
  18. Just donated today.
    where you fill out the forms and wait for the nurse there is a tray with the little chits of paper which are labelled winter blood challenge.
    You put your name DOB and donor number as well as the nominated organisation, in our case Netrider.
  19. Im donating on Friday. I'll try and hassle Mr Makeupgrrl to do the same and put netrider down :)
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