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Wintah! Ur tyres are cold & hard doodz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, May 25, 2007.

  1. With winter here, your motorcycle's tyres now take longer to warm up and provide proper grip.
    The road is also colder, which fights the warmth in your tyres.

    When you hop on the bike, ride for a little longer than normal before you give it some stick.

    Don't wait for a lowside on a roundabout at 10pm in Campbelltown to teach you this, like I did...
  2. Just another day in Kyneton :grin: It's always cold here.
  3. Cheers Ktulu, i would never have thought about that. funny how something as obvious as this can elude us (perhaps its just because i'm relatively new to riding.
  4. Given it was a roundabout in Campbelltown you were probably lucky the bike didn't get stolen in the time it took you to pick yourself up off the ground! :p :grin:
  5. Hey, my login still works...which is good because


    ...and it was more like 1030.
  6. Hey Scrambles, welcome back :grin: :cool: :dance:

    How bad is the damage Ktulu? Are you okay?
  7. Is that your second fall in recent times??

    Bad luck dude!!

    Hope you're ok.


  8. I'm ok, mum! :grin:

    Bike needs a mirror and an indicator... and a fix-up for the brake fluid resorvoir.
    Should be roadworthy for a couple of hundred bucks. Some of the pretty bits need a respray and there's a very slight dent in the tank.

    My right knee hurts a little, and my Draggins need a patch job done on them.

    Yeah Rob, I had a stupid little stack at the start of the year. This one was significantly more spectacular :grin:
  9. So you gave it stick around a roundabout on a cold winters night...

    You are a goose.

    Glad you're mostly ok.

    Quick mendings to you.
  10. now is the time to practise those power slides, becareful not to fail as ktulu certainly did :LOL:

    bad luck ktulu, and that crash was pretty spectacular, from where i was sitting anyway :p
  11. oh and maybe the fzr is trying to tell you something ktulu, time to pass the little girl on and get something bigger :grin:
  12. Glad to hear that you're ok mate :grin:

    Like i said, when you didnt sms me back i though it must be bad, but then my senses came back and i realised that you couldnt have posted on NR if you were too damaged :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. glad to hear you're ok, and if you want cold, just come 30 minutes south to here :p
  14. Sorta Rob, I obviously came into the roundabout too hot, considering what resulted - but I was just accelerating gently on the way through.

    Just too much lean on too small a [hard] contact patch.

    ginji, I'll be in Wollongong tomorrow, but I'll be caging it. I've done the late night ride back from there before and YES we Sydneyites don't often have much to complain about compared to that :)

    I know, qbnspeedfreak!
    The FZR runs out of rego next month, coincidentally that's when I come off restrictions.
    I'll probably get a newer, bigger bike with muchmuchmuch better tyres on it and just fix this one up in my spare time as a bit of a project before selling it.
  15. Winter and rain is why I don't have the latest trendy semi slick "road" tyres on my bike (one groove every 25cm..WTF???). I preferred tyres that relied more on tread design to achieve grip.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. I have a question ..

    You're meant to check your tyre pressures before your tyres are warm - preferably before you leave home. If the air is colder, tyres are colder and tyres stay cold for longer, does that mean you can go a bit longer on the road before the inaccuracies in pressures cos of warmth show up?
  17. Ha! Wollongong is still nice and warm compared to here, it's the bit between Campbelltown and Wollongong that is cold, but still not as cold as bloody Picton! :p
  18. oh try riding down the snowy mountain high way when theres snow falling on the peaks at 1200 meters and the road is at 1100 like we did on sunday night

    thats cold
  19. joke or not this shit really does happen :evil:

  20. fcuk, it got you too
    yesterday morning about 9:30am, leaving Penrith for a a great morning ride through the nasho to a family lunch, didn't make it past the 3rd corner from my house.

    Front wheel slid out turning left at a roundabout, and it all went turkish. wasn't fanging it, just too much lean and not enough heat.
    left fairing, gear and clutch lever and bar-end are all bent, cracked and shaven off. somehow the mirror and blinker escaped, and i grazed both my knees without ripping my cargos. my poor bike, i'd spent the previous afternoon cleaning it up just to have to pick it up off the road all fcuked up. i fcuking hate winter. and i still feel like such a dick and i've run out of clobazam

    please, kids, if this is your first winter of riding like me take care on the roads