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Winning things

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I just got the following email from SBS

    Leaving aside the weird concept of James May having anything to do with fashion, this got me wondering.

    Who else out there tends to enter these sort of competitions (and wins). I tend to do it fairly regularly and over the years I've won movie tickets, books etc - and a Harley 883 Sportster (from Lipton's tea).

    I'm not talking about things that require skill - just things that require dumb luck...

  2. You won a Harley?? Holy crud, I'm gonna go find a Women's Weekly to enter some stuff now.

    Oh, obviously I don't enter squat. So my record so far is undefined (0 wins / 0 enters)
  3. I don't enter very often, and the last thing I won was a copy of "Chopper" on DVD, when that first came out.
    I found the comp in a Drum Media mag on a colleague's desk, and they were spewin'
  4. It was second prize - first prize was a trip to the States and a Harley.
    When they contacted me they were very pleased to find that someone who actually rode won it. Most of the winners were little old ladies whose first response was "what am I going to do with that?"

    According to the company running the competition the secret is to look for competitions where the prize is not congruent with the product being promoted.

    In this case it was Lipton's fruit tea products. She said that they attract fewer entries (the people who normally drink the tea are not usually interested in Harleys).

    Funny thing was that three days earlier I'd won one of the raffle prizes at the Pink RIbbon Ride - a years subscription to Heavy Duty magazine. Considering I've been a long term BMW rider it caused some amusement. :)
  5. Oh yeah, the link there is obvious, I often see 1%ers cruising down the road, ciggy in one hand, and a lipton fruit tea in the other...
  6. Enter everything. Never won a damn thing.

    Years ago my then boss also won a Harley 883 Sportster. It's probably worth mentioning that his advertising business was responsible for supplying the posters, entry forms and tickets for the competition. I can tell you that kind of thing happens quite a lot.

    His wife made him sell it, and spent the money on landscaping. So justice, of a sort :)
  7. I enter any competition/raffle I can, as long as its fairly small and drawn by chance. Haven't done too badly either. I win something reasonable regularly, though nothing to compare to a Harley. My best was $1000 worth of petrol, though the three meat trays and two slabs at a meat raffle get an honourable mention.

    Its just a case of exposure.
  8. I tend to enter the creative comps where they are judged, not voting (voting based ones can be rigged because there are sites where you can get people to vote for you).

    To date (last two years), I've won:

    Sports package worth $4500
    Kitesurfing kite worth $2000
    An iPad $1000
    An iPhone $800
    Sunglasses $100
    Coles/Myer's Vouchers $1000 (one comp)

    I've only entered about 20 comps so its a pretty decent hit rate.
  9. Love James Mays Man Lab, it's great!

    The trick, I find, is to enter competitions :) People claim they never win, but they also never enter.

    When the Hi-Fi Bar first launched their website, I became a member & they gave away tickets etc every week, I won free tickets pretty much every month for about a year :)
  10. I've actually never won anything in my life. Ever.

    Just my luck, I guess.
  11. Where do you find all these competitions?

    I enter anything that I come across that's easy to enter and doesn't take too long... From memory the only thing I've ever won was a facecare gift pack when I was 16 from Priceline after writing 25words or less about why I loved their product... how gay does that sound!

    Would much rather prefer the Harley!
  12. Waaaaaaaaay back in the day I won a newspaper comp for 2 tickets to see Goonies at the cinema.
  13. OMG! How old am I. That was the coolest movie.....at the time!
  14. local radio station asks for listener input in regards to content and i'm on the list, did a survey for them a few months back and won a woolies gift card, found out my kid had a birthday party to go to the next day and i had no cash for a gift so the card was forfeited in the name of friendship.

    only thing i've ever won in my life