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Winner of 2006 Custom Bike show.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BlueRex, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. or braking?? :eek:

    Still its schmick.
  2. Ummmm...weird...that sums it up I suppose...
  3. does it have brakes???

    none of the picturese show it in motion..... might be a display piece only !!

    unlesss is a rear hub brake like my old BMX had?? but hardly suidable for a motoercycle.

    show pony bike.
  4. WOW, I quite like it although parts of it do seem to ornamental.
  5. 10/10 for creativity
    10/10 for engineering and fabrication
    0/10 for functionality
  6. The owner looks like a cross between Bob Geldof and the evil-bikie-priest from Stone...

    It certainly is a new approach to the whole chopper/custom scene though....

    I think I like it.
  7. Do you suppose that's a DOT approved top-hat?
  8. You can just imagine everyone with a puzzled look on their face as they look at the pictures of the bike. :S :)
  9. It reminds me of my grandma's sewing machine. The 1 without motor and you have to pedal it
  10. looks like it would be a biatch to filter through traffic :LOL:
  11. Actually i would like to hear it running

    hmmm then again :-k hmmm i wonder

    if there is a vid of it being ridden /driven
    online somewhere
    :popcorn: :-k :popcorn:
  12. Others?


    Someone buy this for sonja.
  13. Well look at the steering head..size of a smaller door hinge.....So that's what you call a hard tail, no suspension (or brakes) what-so-ever

    Love the headlight thingie i want one
  14. It's also dumping the exhaust directly onto the riders boot. That would get kinda hot after a short while.
    I'd love to give it a go though.