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Windy ride NW Sydney

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ohmigosh, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. #1 Ohmigosh, Sep 6, 2010
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    Went out on Father's Day for an hour and a half. Windy a all get out!

    No branches on the road - Just a house For Sale sign (which I rode straight over (y) (bit lucky really))

    Mounted my GoPro HD on the front of the bike as far forward as I could. Used the fairing just to the right of the windshield which was almost flat and used the GoPro suction mount thingo. Tied on with a safety lanyard ghettoedout of shoelaces. :D

    Video shows none of the bike and ALL of the road. My previous vids have shown about half and half.

    Anyway - Here it is. Watch out for the BSA, the Harley and a really windy bit!!!


    Fun Ha!

  2. You were lucky,there was a tree down just out of Cowan heading north on the Old Rd.A cop was guarding it with his lights on but it was easy to see.But that was small bananas.coming back at the base of the Pie in the Sky hill just around a blind corner there was another tree down completely blocking both lanes heading south,it must have just happed before i got there,spent the next 5 minutes flagging down people,ended up with a nice little crowd.I was holding back in the wind but going in hard would have been
    interesting,saw the SES heading there later while having a Pie lunch
  3. u stopped for a Harley? lol

  4. i was hammering it around that corner where that tree was, was heading to roadwarriors, thank god no 1 was swerving around on my lane to get around the tree, and damn it, didnt have the GoPro with me
  5. The worst I saw on Wisemans Ferry road, Pitt Town Rd and Old Northern was the real estate sign, and a few small twiggy branches. There was one largish branch but it had been driven over by a billionty cars so was just a handful of sawdust. Nothing as epic as your's and Goz's trees! (y)

    Of course. I wanted to let him know that all his mechanic had to do was follow the breadcrumb trail of bike bits and the oil slick from Windsor and they'd find him soon enough :D

    Fun Ha!
  6. Very nice video, Ohmigosh. I did the M4 that morning, and it was unsettling when the bike went left and right without warning. More crouching and speed adjustment sorted it out. The previous day was more dramatic, with strong winds & rain leaving the road wet and slick for enhanced effect. But I can't deny the fun :D