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Windy interesting Road along Hawksburd Heights

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by AznCruiser, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. I went down there last summer - there's a lookout on your left at the top, if you're heading up the hill, which is popular with bikers.
    That highlighted section sure is fun but it's only a cuppla K's, and on weekends there'll probably be plenty of cage traffic.
    Road surface was good, typical of roads in the area. Not that wide and with gravel shoulders but clearly marked and signposted - those hairpins won't be a surprise if you've got your head up.
    Worth a look mid-week I reckon, but be prepared to go up and down a few times if you want to get a couple of hours in the saddle.
  2. short road, cage, traffic, gravel, not wide = bad
    close, clear signs, good road, views = good

    Ill check it out tomorrow (hopefully), duck out from work early and hopefully the weather is good. Any good roads close to Blacktown that doesnt go to Wisemans Ferry (I hate the road surface at the best section, just makes you want to cry)?
  3. I would have a look at Bells Line again, having been up the Putty recently; both roads were upgraded under the same scheme, and Putty was unbelievably "safe" compared to the old days...
  4. good bits of both Putty and Bells is still pretty up there. Im usually pretty buggered at the end of the day and dont want to travel too far out, also I still dont want to do overly long rides in case my back gives way again.
  5. best thing to do is get a map and do some exploring, like i've meant to do but just haven't found the time yet,


    West Portland Road > Greens Road > Bicentenary Road (between Putty and St Albans)

    Comleroy Road > Upper Colo Road (between Bells Line and Singleton Road)


    if it turns out to be a good road, then great, if not, well you can cross it off your list

    and maybe throw in a couple of extra rest/photo stops to make our back last the distance?
  6. Its been so dead at work that all I do is look at googlemap looking for interesting roads. As a contractor who gets paid per hour, working for 4-6hrs a day is too little work.

    Thanks for the suggestion and in definately interested in that public holiday Putty run (I assume its double D's that day though?).
  7. what public holiday putty run?
  8. Lol ur funny, u sent me the message yesterday about an early morn Putty run Wed lol.

    Aight ill try the St Albans run today and hold off on the Hawksbury Heights one.

  9. oh yeah :p

    old man
  10. Was going to sugest springwood rd then remebered it goes into hawkesbury rd
    You could go for a ride to waragamba some ok roads
    What about bells line then onto jenolan caves
    Last time i was on comelroy rd it was prety shity surface but the wa a while ago now
  11. I tried going to St Albans this afternoon and went through Windsor (lost of westbound traffic at Richmond Rd)then through Sackville, got lost in Bulli Ridge, and came back around to West Portland, all good roads with little traffic, surface was a bit like the rough section of Old PAC but a bit more bumpy and not as flowing. I think it was Greens/Bicentenary that changes into gravel. I wasnt a happy chappy with the bike sliding around everywhere and ute drivers putting up dust and taking both lanes. If I wasnt close to the marbles on one of the tight 15km downhill bend then my bike would have adorned the front of a ute that decided to also use the other side of the road (my lane).

    I lasted around 20 minutes riding on gravel before calling it quits and going back home through Wisemans. My advise is to go through Wisemans Ferry, catch the ferry across and head up to St Albans.

    Most of Comelroy has pretty good road now, its the bit that branches off Upper Colo Road thats garbage and still dirt/gravel, its also this same bit that is the most windy. Its a shame that this section has been neglected this would have made it one of Sydney's better MC roads.

    Bells to Jenolan would be a bit too much for an after work ride. Ill check out Waragamba though, I havent been to that place since my primary school excursions.
  12. awesome dude, sounds like a good bit of exploring