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Windy freakin' wind!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by boingk, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Can't sleep, so will vent.

    Setting the scene, I spent a grand couple of days down the coast at my Fathers place. Nothing much, just helping out and some other stuff like homebrew comparison over NCIS. Good times.

    Time came for me to get back to work so I hopped on my bike and rode off into...

    ...a freaking GALE! I kid you not. The innercity roads and Kangaroo Valley weren't too bad for the most part, but the freeway towards Canberra was shocking. I almost got thrown off my bike at one point, caught in a savage mish-mash of gale and truck draught. It literally felt like somone was yanking me off my bike. There was no enjoyment in the ride, just sheer concentration and a burning desire to get home.

    So I could get ready for work :(

    I hate riding in the wind! AHHHHH!!!

    All good now - boingk
  2. Did the MOST at H.A.R.T. St Ives in those winds yesterday. Buffering on the rode ride was a joke as you got pushed across half a lane at times. Got engulfed by a willy-willy at one stage much to the amusement of the rider following behind.

    For the record, all seven people in my group passed (one was there for a retest) and I managed to get to the RTA before they closed for the day - no more L's!
  3. Yeah it was pretty horrid yesterday. Had to drive everywhere all day because my bike would have taken flight in that wind...

    Glad you didn't die mate!
  4. Hell yeah! Thats what I'm talking about, my man! Good work on doing the test in the wind, I did mine in the rain and thought that was bad...

    Cheers - boingk
  5. yesterday was a nightmare, kept looking out to my work carpark hoping the bike was still upright, but was ok to ride, having a 250 odd kilo bike has it's advantages
  6. I ended up bringing my bike into the Warehouse, wasn't risking it being blown over.

    The wind was absolutely ridiculous, let alone all the dusty crap flying about!
  7. G'day Boink. It was a shocker. But be thankful ur not on a KLR. Mines so susceptible to wind I can't even ride with mates that have had a big night out. One beer fart and its all over. :sick: Certainly tests the sphyncter muscles[-o<

    Glad ya made it ok
  8. U know I don't actually mind riding in the wind, it's parking that i get nervous about. If my girl isn't undercover in adverse weather I have something akin to panic attacks:eek:hno:

    I actually kind of like a good hit of crosswind, the bloke in the car near me had this look of horror when he saw my bike leaned over to the right, :rofl: he must have been surprised to see a bike leaned over and staying in one spot! :D
  9. hey mate, a good place out of the wind to park at uni is next to the engineering walk behind the old main building, a little channel for bike parking, pretty sheltered, especially all the way down against the wall. While it is more out of site, I didnt have any problems with it.

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  10. iceman - I didn't think of dirtbikes, suppose they'd be pretty bad, being high up and low weight. Thats the thing with the RS; its light but its relatively compact. Only thing that makes it worse in the wind is the fairing.

    resale - yeah, freaked a few drivers with the leaning and drifting on the highway I think. Didn't look at their faces, was too concentrated on staying upright...
  11. Yeh i know that spot, its nice n' cosy, man i've probably walked past your bike hundreds of times without even realising! :roll:

    I like mine in the carparks though, if its crap weather i try to sit it next to a pillar and far from the open air! :D
  12. August-October is the windy period in Dapto. And our house faces directly west and is at the foot of the escarpment. The wind howls straight down off the mountain and into our front windows.

    I was going to go for a ride today; got as far as the meeting point down the road a little and decided that it was just too ridiculous for words. When you have to make sure that you park your bike with the right hand side facing the wind for fear that it'll get blown over, it's time to take it home and tuck it up safely in the garage, which is exactly what I did.

    It mightn't be much, but it's all I got and I'm not going to risk it till this freakin' wind dies down.
  13. Yep i was awake and ready for a ride today, but the winds were just ridiculous, was not going to be enjoyable at all battling the winds hoping it doesn't blow over when parked as well as all the debris on the road from tree's so i called it a indoors day, at least then theres bike mags and now the superbikes on to watch
  14. Thanks boingk. I know where you're coming from... did my second day of the pre-learner in rain. Seems like the weather gods have it in for me. When I came home (after the P/MOST day), I looked like I'd been trough the red center of Australia. Both the bike and my leathers coated with a thick layer of that bloody dust. Cleaned/polished the bike and went to the girlfriend's place only to have the cleaner hose out the garage and restore the Nulabour look again - not very happy!