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Windsor, Wisemans, Wollombi, Broke, Windsor-Sun 13th March

Discussion in 'NSW' started by colr6, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. All,
    Will be doing a ride from Windsor and finishing at Windsor to do the above loop stopping at the usual places.
    Meet at Mcgraths Hill Maccas 8:30am for a 9:00am start.Lunch would be at the new cafe on the Putty. Pace will be medium but am willing to wait for any stragglers at rest points.
    So who's in?

  2. Im in depending on how drunk I get on Saturday.
  3. I may be able to meet you at wollombi pub for the broke, putty section to the new cafe. Then I would head back to Newcastle.
    Got an estimate for time at Wollombi pub?
  4. I'd love to come on this, but my saturday night shift is scheduled to finish in Randwick at 6:30AM, so for me to be in Windsor by 9 would make it impossible for me to sleep at all. Hopefully someone will be up for ride after lunch when I surface
  5. Sunday lunch would be better for me, im normally alco free by then
  6. Mate I would expect to get there around 11:30.
  7. Doh. I forgot my sons trial game of footy. :oops:
    Sorry but I will have to give it a miss.
  8. No worries. Looks like everyone else is giving it a miss too. Might just have to go solo on this one.
  9. While I enjoyed following you last time col I'm low on funds till next weeks payday!

  10. Ride canceled due to lack of interest.
  11. I was interested, I just gotta work the next two weekends.
    Then I'm off & keen as mustard.

    I'll need a decent run by then too.
  12. Thanks. I guess it is just my bad luck that when I have day free for a ride there aint anyone else available. Better luck next time.
  13. Yeah I would've come too Col, but I got the young fella around this weekend - keep posting them...
  14. I still want to go but ill see if im sober :)
  15. Wayne wanted to do Wisemans/ Spencer.............at 12ish

    Turns out ive fared pretty well after an all you can drink wedding reception, I should be sober by tomorrow.

    Colr6 im definitely doing some form of Wisemans route tomorrow.
  16. Well... are you up for a run AznCruiser? If so, where do you want to meet seeing I'm over on the Northern Beaches?
  17. I haven't done a Wisemans loop in ages, what time you thinking of going? I could meet up at the servo just north of big roundabout where Newline meets old north road...
  18. I assume you mean the Shell servo that's nearly opposite McDonalds. I'll go anytime it suits... nothing on today to hold me back.

    There was a rather nasty accident on Old Northern Road yesterday (heading towards Wisemans) which appeared to be a single vehicle accident. Car upside-down in a ditch requiring the fire bridage to close down a lane and run traffic point duty to perform the cleanup. Cars and bikes were flashing us for about 10km so I was expecting a HP to be on the prowl, not the fire brigade shutting down half of road.
  19. Im waiting for Holly and Wayne to respond......Newline and old north is on the opposite side of where I normally comes in so ill see if I can get there. Not sure of doing the whole loop though :)

    I was thinking of around 12 oclock meet? I still got queasy stomach but definitely sober if abit tired :)
  20. Timed so we end up at road warriors around lunchtime would be good. I am no speed demon though so round 10:30 to 11am at the servo should end up at roadwarriors just after the lunchtime rush.

    Simultaneous posting lol. 12 is good form me too just means the burger gets eaten with more enthusiasm