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windsor to singleton via putty. how long does it take?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pottsy44, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. as above.

    how long does it take to go from windsor to singleton at the speed limit?

    also is there much difference in traffic for a weekday compared to the weekend?
  2. Putty gets alot of trucks.. possibly more during the week though I guess.

    From google maps:
    175 km – about 2 hours 24 mins

    Thats at the speed limit the whole way. But thats relying on actually being able to do the speed limit the whole way.. I certainly don't do 100 in 35ers :D

    More realistic time if you keep to the speed limits 2.5ish, maybe 3
  3. Windsor to Singleton? 175kms, even if you do right on 100 on the straights, you can do double the posted limits in the corners, and if you take more than two hours, you're dawdling. The only limitiations are the long downhill and climb back up out of the Colo River, which are double unbroken lines all the way. But if you ignore that, nothing should stop you doing a mile a minute for the whole trip.

    Back in the 70s when I lived at Denman and my family was in Wollongong, I would routinely do the 245 miles (whatever that is in French measure) in 245 minutes, and that includes the section from Windsor to Wollongong through Penrith, Bringelly, Narellan and Appin, etc :shock:.

  4. How Long Is a Piece of String?
  5. It should take about 1:45 max, assuming you don't stop at the halfway house. Trucks on weekdays are reasonably plentiful early morning and mid afternoon, weekends hardly any, but more Radar.
  6. takes slightly longer on the 40 degree days like sunday before last - road gets a bit soft and moves around a little!