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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Menace, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. I ride a Boulevard c50, has anyone fitted a screen recently to their machine, cruiser specifically, make not important. Which screen have you fitted, which profile, ie high or low, which make, and has it made any noticable difference to your riding comfort, in particular the wind strength hitting your chest and face?
    Any comments for or against welcome.

  2. I used to ride an XVS650 that had a screen, think it was an american one might have been about 12 inches high, on two slide rails so you can lift or lower it right down to touching the headlight, made a huge difference riding on the hwy/fwy for wind protection, even the smallest of screens will bounce/redirect air off your chest. Test ride a cruiser or two WITH screens and see what you prefer... Any local bikes you can test ride? if not I reckon you'd find one or two in melb..
  3. I bought a Highway Hawk Universal screen. After a fair bit of fiddling around I managed to position the screen where I could ride at 100kph with my visor up. Downside was no cooling in summer. There was an increasing in vibration in the handle bars that I could live with but the wind noise was unbearable. After a 30 minute ride I told the screen off - its in a box in my shed if anyone wants it....
  4. Thanks for the reply..
  5. Thanks for the reply/
  6. i also have one in a box in my shed.
    i took it of because it looked gay and screens are for girls really.
    but yes it did afford more comfort on long stretches of slab after endless adjustments. trick is to match the angle with your forks. and you still want airflow to your helmet for ventilation. does alter the bikes handling significantly too, but not neccessarilly in a negative way. front feels heavier, tracks better at higher speeds, as air is pushing the front down. that was how i found it anyway.
  7. Put a screen on my xvs650 about 2 months ago - only an 18", but havent looked back! Bought it off fleabay [US store]
  8. I've ridden with and without a screen and can say that life is so much easier with one. Make sure that it is fitted at the right angle for you (trial and error) because that does make a difference (from experience) and that the top of the screen does not lay right on your line of vision. (My bike had a OEM screen fitted when I bought it).