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Windshield options for Monster

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ursus, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Mate, it all depends on what you want. Is it for style - that looks awesome! or functionality IE: blocking wind, tinted to keep the glare off the instrument panel etc.

    Is there somewhere in your area that stocks them so you can see/try before you buy? Dealership perhaps?
  2. I want it for wind protection. And yeah, is there?

  3. Err.. maybe? Where ya live?

    When you're looking for wind protection, you have to take your height into account as well. Some shields may be to high which will push wind into your neck/helmet area, or some too short, which will put the wind blast at your chest. A higher one will let you tuck in better tho..
  4. Like MadAzz says, depends on your height. I've ridden many Monsters and all the ones with shields shat me up the wall. I'm 5'8" and the shields did nothing but throw wind in to my chest or face. Made it exceptionally uncomfortable. That's why my Monster has no shield :)