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Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Mad Marty, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Almost ready for heading out on an extended tour across to WA in September.

    Question today is : Are Windsheilds a good or bad idea for long distance touring? I hear different opinions ie. Help decrease buffeting at speed, catch the wind behind them making bike unstable. However I want to hear from actual users.

    I'm 6'3" so any screen would need to be resonably tall for maximum effect.

    Many screens out there available for the XVS650, I need to order in the next week to get it in and fitted up in time ....
  2. Sounds like an awesome trip you are planning mate.
    Hope you keep us posted with a tour diary.
    I have no idea about windscreens on cruisers so here is a picture of a futuristic sports bike.

    Have a safe journey !
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  3. ANY trip you do, long or short, will deliver you the fresher, less fatigued and happier with a windshield on your bike.
    I had a small screen on my naked bike for the whole time I owned it, got it from MCAS for $199, best money I spent on any bike accessory, ever.
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  4. #4 Mad Marty, Aug 11, 2013
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    That just looks weird !

    I'll be running a diary, and posting videos once I get back (and they are edited etc), I have the month off so ill cover plans etc under a different section of the forum :happy: also looking at meeting up with some peeps on the trip ! :netrider:

    Thanks MM and hornet for the thumbs up thus far ... i'm thinking something like this http://www.mcas.com.au/motorcycle-accessories-road-windshields/national-cycle-deflector-screen would keep more to the lines of the custom.... the 'fuller' shields may look out of place...
  5. I have one on my vt 1100 and I find it heaps better on long rides. Warmer too lol but I,m a ol fart lol 8-|
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  6. Windshields are great but should be below the line of vision as they can get plastered with bugs and the like and cut down visibility, even worse when it rains. They serve their purpose in deflecting the wind and ease the buffeting of the wind on the head and chest. With a properly sited windscreen sometimes the helmet visor might even remain fairly clean on long rides. cheers.
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  7. I'm the same height as you, I've ridden a few bikes with aftermarket windshields, some were great, some just directed all the wind onto my helmet (they sucked), I'm sure you will, but make sure you do your research.
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  8. I had a Honda Shadow 750 with a screen fitted & it was awful - severe buffetting at anything over about 80 kph. I took it off and it was much nicer to ride. The screen is still in my shed, although the bike is long gone.
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  9. #9 Mad Marty, Aug 12, 2013
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    4:1 so far .... hmmm ok more users please ! IMHO anything that increases the buffeting is a bad thing....

    This looks to be a fair guide > http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/accessoriesandgear/windshield_comparison/

    The general recommendation from anything I read is to measure by sitting on the bike and take a measurement line between your upper lip and your nose. This lessens the chance of air forcing up under your chin due to a windshield that's too short.
  10. I've been asking myself the same question: windshield yay or nay?

    My Z750 has something like a wind deflector, but no shield. As already mentioned by drjay, I wouldn't want anything that's in my field of vision due to bugs/dirt (I don't clean my bike often). As it is right now the wind hits my head quite a bit at higher speeds which is what I would like to get rid of. At the moment she is hardly affected by wind (and I'm loving that!), I assume a wind shield would change that as it would act like a sail.
  11. Hi,
    I put one on my XVS650 and never had any issues with instability when I had it on. I got a National Cycles Switchblade, which lets you put it on or take it off quickly depending if you want it on or not today. I got a 'chopped' size, which was good as it kept just under my line of sight.
  12. Nina, as you stated the windscreen is supposed to be a wind deflector and that's what its supposed to do (on sports and sports tourers at least). On the Z you ride the wind interference would be less as it is a naked bike. Bikes with full fairings get buffeted in cross winds. You don't need a very tall screen(even though my ninja has one bigger than most, but I have it set at the middle or low setting. On the Daytona I have a double bubble screen which may not look big but deflects the wind off my head bigtime.
  13. Continuing on that - I have a friend who put one of these big screens on his Yamaha 1100 cruiser. He found that the wind resistance and obstruction to view a pain and finally he cut it down to size with and angle grinder!!
  14. Have a look at my pics in the garage of mine. I don,t get the buffeting and I hardly put my visor down only when its raining and still have good visability as I treat my screen and visor with rainex. Cheers hope this helps
  15. I understand, from another forum, that there is no simple answer to your windshield question, because wind buffeting depends on,
    1. the model motorbike plus,
    2. the size of the rider, ie you are quite tall at 6'3, and plus
    3. the design of the windshield. Some are better than others.

    To narrow it down a bit, look for opinions from XVS650 riders only, to keep comparisons relevant. Maybe look for a website that just features this model and explore from there.
    Then convey that you are a tall fella, and look for similar, who have tried custom windscreens for your model motorbike.

    So I think there is not a general answer to this question, more you have to experiment to find something that works for you.
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  16. What others have said is right. The correct screen on your bike will be brilliant on a long ride. Get the wrong screen and you the buffeting could be worse than without the screen or it could upset the stability of the bike.
  17. Classic or custom Tone2 ?

    Thankyou to everyone else that has contributed ... I think the way to go is get one ... now just have to find a local supplier or chance it and order from MCAS.. after I measure up !
  18. Classic mate. I'm not as tall as you either - 5 foot 10.

    Oh, and I ordered mine from the US. Not sure if the timing works for you though, I think you said you were going soon.
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  19. Cool ... Still got time to order from the states.. I find shipping from Cruiser Customizing takes around a week from order. MCAS are selling at a very competitive price so I'd prefer to support the 'local' if they have stock.
  20. I'm just over 6'3" and I bought my bike (xvs650a) with a windscreen attached. I took it off because:
    1. I don't like how they look; and
    2. The top edge was right in the middle of my line of sight. It was annoying and distracting.

    It did cut down on wind, but I like to feel like im on a bike not in a car.

    Good luck with your ride!

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