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windscreens..... how much do they help???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by happy.grl, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. I've been thinking about getting a windscreen for the VTR but am unsure whether they help with the wind. I was hoping someone with some experience with could tell me whether there was a noticable difference?

  2. I would also be interested if the screen forces the wind up and into your face/head area making a ride little more uncomfortable on cruisers
  3. Yes they do make a lot of difference. The wrong screen can make things worse if it aims all the wind at your head but even a lowish screen can still help reduce the wind pressure on your chest even though your head's still in the normal airflow. Obviously how well it works depends on what screen and how tall you are.
  4. I find the bikini screen on my Monsta is helpful on the main straight and turn 3 of Phillip Island. It offers some protection at higher speeds and saves you being blown off the back of the bike. :LOL:
  5. A lot of people (including me) feel that a windshield should direct air onto your helmet, to assist in keeping the visor clean in the rain, and so the ventilation systems in the helmet works.
    I cut my screen down on the GTR do do exactly this, and it works very well.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. my BF feels I should get a screen on the hornet cause he says the the instruments are "ugly" and I shoud cover them up.

    I wouldn't mind a temporary screen for long trips - not sold on getting one there permenantly though
  7. The genuine BMW 'flyscreen' om my R1150R is superbly efficient at it's primary design task, extracting almost $300 from idiots like me, and it does bugger all else, (looks cool but).
  8. I bought mine for the main reason of making it look good (superficial yeh i know) but i did find the wind not knocking my head off as much and as above it gets the wind off your chest.
  9. I put a screen on the GS and it made a huge difference to both the wind and vibration factor....looks ugly though :?
  10. With an upright riding position they make bugger all difference. You really need a Double bubble on a faired bike to see a significant improvement.

  11. Hahahaha Incitatus thats sounds a little like something I would do
  12. Double-bubble works fairly well on mine. Air hits my helmet, which I don't have a problem with at all. Easy to duck under too, if necessary.
  13. Unless you can actually get down behind it then they are not super. I find on the 12 that my sitting position actually allows the wind to come off the screen and hit me in the neck.. :?
  14. Don't leave home without it. I know the Hornet looks a bit 'cobby' with this screen, and it kinda defeats the purpose of a naked bike, but this screen enables me to travel long fatigue-free miles.


    $199 and worth every cent. Universal brackets, fits anything with tubular handlebars
  15. also interested in one for my new baby

    any way to tell what will work or is it just a matter of spending $$ untill one works??
  16. Hey Drew,

    All going to plan I should order mine next week - I'll let you know if it helps.
  17. Screens, love 'em and hate 'em at the same time.

    80 km/h is fast enough to stop most rain from hitting me on the Voyager if I duck my head a little.

    In fine weather I'd miss the direct blast of wind (usualy means you need to go faster).

    Late afternoons rideing directly into the sun can be a pain in the ass as well.

    Two negatives and one posative, you decide : )
  18. My 2nd hand cruiser came with a windscreen which was taken off as it did make it look a bit dorky IMO. However, during the winter months I have put it back on for warmth. I was sure glad to have it on my bike on that wet, windy, hailing cold weekend trip to Gippsland way back when.
    So you see, I have the windscreen on when I need it and take it off for the warmer weather rides.
  19. I just got the same one as hornets ,see the link on page one.

    Its blends in pretty good doen't look big and you can move it every way you want ,then tighten it up and see where the wind hits ,you go home ,try again ect .
    Once its right and your happy ,it comes off in 20 seconds REALLY and two little clamps stay on your handle bars .