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Windscreen - worth it?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by oldmick, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. Howdy folks,

    Is it worth getting a windscreen?

    Scoping out my first scoot, probably a 125-200cc Vespa or Liberty, for inner-city commutes and rare, short freeway spurts.

    I'm tall - 190cm - so there'll be a bit of me to catch the wind, but I live in Brisbane so rain is not particularly frequent (apart from now...) nor are temps particularly low. Unlikely to be on the road for more than 20min at a time, and rarely above 60kmh.

    Will a screen offer significant protection? Will it affect performance of the scoot? Are there annoyance factors? Better to spend the money on quality weather protection clothing?

  2. From that speed, you don't need it. It will make your steering a bit heavier and it will feel like a sail. Bikes that go more than 100 can use a smaller screen that creates a wind tunnel. Your bike will need the big screen. I say no. :wink:
  3. :WStupid:
    At that speed your are more likely to get much more wind here >> :butt:
    than you are hitting the front of your machine. :wink:
  4. I say no.

    Below 80kmh I dont even have my visor down.
  5. A decent cyclist can easily get over 60kph - which should be proof enough that you're not going to need a screen ;).
  6. You'll need to get windscreen wipers.... and you'll get hassled by kids trying to make a buck cleaning windscreens at traffic lights.... :LOL:
  7. All a screen will do is increase your exposure to cross winds. A decent helmet will reduce wind effect more.

    Just put a holding deposit on the Vespa GT200.


    So, "rare" freeway trips might become common (ish).

    Does that change anyone's view?
  9. I had ridden the HD200 on a few occasions and thought it needed a screen on the freeway. Now i have the nexus with the screen i say yes its worth it for the freeway.. Low speeds it really wont be a problem...
  10. I think you'd be best of getting the scoot and seeing how you go. Dont get a screen just for the sake of it, try it for a while first.
  11. Thanks again guys.

    Bought the rest of the GT200 yesterday (woot woot woot!). Feeling 20 years old again (now if I can just find a 20 y-o to feel me...fnar fnar). :cool:

    Booked for the Qride course this weekend so should be licensed by Monday.
  12. not for low speeds

    I have an xvs650, it has a small screen about 30 cm high
    tried an experiment a week ago cause I use the freeway to and from work, so on the weekend I took it off and went for a spin on the freeway to see the difference.
    the bike weighs around the 230 kgs, so not light, and it is a cruiser, up to 80kmh, no problems, but from then on I actually had to hand on the handle bars and felt the wind push me back. screen is back on 'for the speed/wind factor'
    hope this helps
  13. One disadvantage I found that was unexpected from the small screen I put on my M50 was that it works at low speeds too ... ie there is no air movement below 60kph ... things really heat up in the sun with no air movement in ya jacket vents when in traffic ...

  14. Whoo there nelly. Thats more than a decent cyclist. Even Lance himself (makes sign of the cross) can "only" do about 55kph for the hour. There is nothing easy about going 60kph except when going downhill. I will add my personal best was 97kph in full ski tuck (hands holding seat tube and chin bouncing above stem) during a race in the early 90s.
    ...needed to have that brag.
  15. I have an enormous screen on my t-max for winter it is UGLY but it means I get to ride all year, Tassie can get windy and cold. The sports screen will go back on for summer.