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Windscreen on a naked bike?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jdimitri, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. I'd travel on freeways every now and then, everytime it was a fairly tiring experience

    The wind on my body and helmet (should've gone with a lighter one, oh well) makes me feel tired after about 10-15 minutes

    From what i've heard, opinions differ on whether windscreens are useful on a naked bike

    Some say that it's more tiring (!??) if it's not tall enough, and others seem to put one on simply for the looks

    What's your experience? Would i have to do a big tuck to avoid the wind or just a slight lean?

    And where can i get one from.. seems like no one has them in stock and it takes weeks to get one in
  3. Buy your self a wind deflector... $199.95 for an adjustable... goes on your handle bars...

    It will make the bike look silly but it works wonders... it made a huge difference on my street fighter...
  4. I'd recommend this one, if only because you'd look so cool with it.

  5. ^^^^wtf?!?!^^^^
    atleast you will pull the chicks..
  6. you'd be pulling something alright :LOL:
  7. Got a minideflector on my z750 tinted black like the bike. Doesn't look too bad. Works abit but i still gotta tuck in on freeways.
  8. LOL that thing must cost a fortune but

    atleast if that thing falls into a wall you wont scratch your bike..
  9. I found the effect of the wind annoying/uncomfortable, not tiring. After fitting a little windscreen (VTR250) it made all the difference and I'll get one again if my next bike is a naked.

  10. Can you give us a bit more info there? Very interested in this option. Price, looks, where'd you get it?

    * Edit

    Actually, cancel that. Plenty of good info here:

  11. There are good screens and there are bad screens. It depends on the bikes riding position, where the wind blast is directed and how much coverage the screen provides.

    I've ridden dirt bikes for hours at 110km/h and not had a problem. I've also ridden some fully-faired sports bikes that were far worse for wind blast. Believe it or not.

    A good screen is a joy to use however.
  12. I've got a little screen on my er6. Works well for me. Had it since I got the bike so I don't know what its like without it. (My first bike had a bikini fairing and I tried to duplicate that set up). Get some wind pressure on my chest over 100 but no buffeting.
  13. i bought one for my hornet, for our trip to phillip island.
    yes, when travelling at 100kph + for 8 hours, it makes a difference.
    a small one, but yes it helped take the pressure off my chest/neck. if you're doing craploads of touring, or doing 100kph for more than an hour, then sure get one.

    it looks crap
    and i haven't used it since.

    I won't put it on for any ride less than 3-4 hours long, it's a waste of time & makes my bike look ugly.

    and yes I'm vain - i'm a girl.
  14. My hornet came with a small screen ( fly screen I think you'd call it )
    And I don't think it looks crap at all :p


  15. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it doesnt...... :twisted:
  16. :cheeky:
  17. Windscreens on naked bikes = one thing, again and again:




  18. Do I get a prize for picking the Iron Maiden 'Clansman' lyrics?

    Coincidentally, I bought a small screen for my hornet, painted it death-black and put a decal of Eddie (Maiden's mascot) on it for my trip to Sydney to watch them play earlier this year.

    I took the screen off the other day cos even with Eddie on it, the Hornet just looks better properly-naked.

    As for wind protection,
    1- My screen did bugger all in that department.
    2- Wind protection shouldn't be a factor if you're gonna buy a naked bike.
    3- SHAZAM!